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How Betting At A Paired Board Results In Success

First In Means Win

Written By: Adam Chern, October 17th 2006.

What’s going on everybody, here is another article by myself Adam Chern telling you how to improve your game at online Texas Holdem. Now you may know I don't have the reputation as a winning poker player but I do know what I’m doing.  This article covers some very important betting strategy that can lead to some easy wins.

I’m going to let you know about a discovery I have made playing at the tables that helps me build my chip stack while I am playing.

So your sitting at a table, holding lets say, 8 9. You just call to see a flop from 4th position. It comes down to you and two other people with 4 1/2 Big blinds in the middle. Now the board shows,

2 2 Q

A player bets three BB at you, your reaction is holy crap; I don't have trips or even a pair! You click the fold button. Wait a minute now... If he bet at you and showed like he had trips, people are not going to call with a decent hand because the player is representing trips.

Here is what you do. Your hole cards are 4 5. You’re in the BB and there are 3 limpers.

The Flop is:

9 A 9

You are first to act your initial reaction is to check. WRONG! Bet it out. Bet 2/3 of the total pot. You will be representing trips and have players fold to you. The chance of someone actually holding a 9 is 1/26. You should always play this situation very aggressively because you are going to win a large percentage of the time if your first one in. You will be able to tell who has trips and who doesn’t. They will likely re raise or simply dummy call you to the bank. Watch out, if someone is acting weak their strong, if someone is acting strong their week... most of the time.

Remember to always keep your chip stacks growing, and keep the good cards rolling. There is no limit to what you can win but there is a limit on what you can lose, quit when your ahead and always gamble responsibly.  Bankroll Boost is your home for new poker articles and the best poker bonuses.