Let it Ride

Let it Ride is a popular casino game where you can win some big money. There is quite a high house edge though, so this isn’t a game to play unless you want to gamble and try to win big. Let it Ride is still a very new casino game. The game was originally introduced in 1993 by ShuffleMaster Inc. in an effort to help them sell more of their automatic shuffling machines to casinos. It is a variation of 5-Card Stud Poker and can be found in most casinos both online and land-based.

How to Play Let it Ride

1) Players are required to make 3 ante-bets of the same value before any action occurs. In some cases there are also progressive jackpots where players can put down $1 in order to win a running jackpot if they hit a royal flush.
2) Players are then dealt 3 cards face down and 2 community cards (cards shared by all players at the table) are placed face down in front of the dealer.
3) Players look at their cards then have an option to either pull one of their bets back, or let their bets ride. Typically you should always pull back unless you have a pair of tens or better in your hand or 3 face cards of all the same suits.
4) The dealer then flips one of the 2 face-down community cards which players combine with their 3-card hand to make a 4 card hand.
5) Once again players have an option to pull one of their bets back, or let their bet ride. After they decide to either pull back a bet or let it ride their hand is now committed and the remaining bet stays in play.
6) The dealer flips the final community card then combines the 2 community cards with the player’s 3 cards to make a 5 card poker hand and pays the players out according to the table below.

Let it Ride Payout Table

Pair of 10s or better - 1 to 1
Two Pairs - 2 to 1
Three of a Kind - 3 to 1
Straight - 5 to 1
Flush - 8 to 1
Full House - 11 to 1
Four of a Kind - 50 to 1
Straight Flush - 200 to 1
Royal Flush - 1000 to 1