Pineapple Poker

Pineapple Poker or “Crazy Pineapple” is a variation of Texas Holdem with a lot more action. Instead of being dealt 2 cards (like in Holdem), players are dealt 3 cards. A round of betting occurs then players see the flop. At this point players have to discard 1 of their 3 cards and play the rest of the hand out like a typical game of Texas Holdem. As with Hold’em there is a round of betting on the flop, then a turn card (followed by more betting), then a river card. The player with the best 5 card hand (a combination of their 2 cards and the 5 cards on the board) at the showdown wins the pot. Players do not need to use their two cards as in Holdem and occasionally the best hand consists solely with the 5 community cards.

Players need to be much more selective with their starting hands, because there is much better odds of other players having very strong starting hands.  For example where a hand like two 10s might be good in a standard Holdem game, it may be more equivalent to a hand like 2 Jacks in Crazy Pineapple as there is better odds someone has 2 higher cards.

Hands that are more favourable in Omaha are similar to good Omaha type hands where you have 3 consecutive cards with 2 of them suited.  This allows you to catch more straight draws or flush outs on the flop.

Hands like 2 pair are also not as good as they would be in holdem.  There are better odds for players to hit sets on the flop or have better drawing hands so proceed with caution on your post flop play.

Pineapple Poker is predominately played online, but occasionally casinos will offer this game in their poker room’s.

Currently only a few poker sites offer Pineapple Poker, but this may change in the future as this game becomes more popular.

Where to play Pineapple Poker Online?

The most popular site for Pineapple Poker is