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Get Around The US Online Poker Ban

Can US Poker Players Play At Sites That Don't Accept Americans?

Disclaimer: The following information is to be used for informational purposes only.  We recommend that you consult with a lawyer before performing any of the activities mentioned here.

Getting around the US Online Poker Ban is a lot easier than you might think!  The major things that the sites do to block american poker players is block their IP Address (if it is coming from a computer located in the United States) and make sure you don't give them an American IP Address.  So how can you get around this?  Just follow these 5 steps and you will be able to paly on any poker site you want (and by doing so will truly be a free citizen of the United States!).

Step 1: Go To Canada411.Ca
Find someone with the same last name in either the Ontario or Quebec province.

Step 2: Get Your New Address
Now that you have found someone with the same last name, use their real addresses and phone numbers when creating your gaming account information.

Step 3: IP Redirection
To redirect your IP address you will need to create an account at . is an IP address redirecting service that will forward your US IP address through Canadian servers located in Ontario and Quebec.

Step 4: Run the Findnot software
Before you log in to any poker sites, or payment processors you will need to have the findnot software running.  Once it is installed and running, you will be able to log into your favorite poker site.  The reason it must be running before you do anything is you will first need to connect to one of findnot's Canadian servers. Their servers are very fast and you will hardly notice any difference from your current connection.

Step 5: Signup With Neteller, Click2pay, Epassporte Or Citadel
When creating accounts at one of the payment processors above, use your real name and the Canadian address that you found in step 2. Most poker sites don't verify your information, so as long as it appears legit you shouldn't have any problem. The US Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes it illegal for online gambling sites to accept electronic fund transfers, however, you are free to deposit money from your bank or credit card into a third party pay processor such as Neteller, Click2pay, Epassporte or Citadel.

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