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Getting Inside Your Opponent's Heads at the Poker Table

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6 Tips To Success Using Intimidation, Annoyance and Table Talk
Written By: Adam Chern, October 17th 2006.

Well Well Well, finally we come to my neck of the woods. Finally I am the expert. Id like to welcome all of you to the fun side of poker. I want you to consider what I am saying in this article and try to use it the best you can at the table. Use these tips to your advantage and please don’t get carried away. There is a line between annoyance and abuse, don’t push your chips over that line. Once you do your 100% pot committed and the odds are against you.

Tip #1: Bet Weird Numbers.

This has to do with looking strong and looking weak. If you want to look strong with a weak hand, instead of betting 50$ and have 1 chip showing, bet 54.25 so their are like 4 or 5 stacks of chips. It makes it look like your betting more when really it is only an extra 4.25. This strategy works very well when your looking for your opponents to fold. Now, if you want your opponents to call a big bet consider the following. Say your going to bet 175. That is going to be 2 100$ chips and 3 25$ chips. Instead bet 200$ and have only 2 100$ chips. I know it sounds weird, but next time your playing you can tell it makes a difference.

Tip #2: Sound Smart.

Especially at Sit n Goes or MTT's. First hand type in the chat box, " Well just completed a eight hour session. I'm up like 457$ and now I'm playing this to get my second win in a row." Also use as much terminology and make names for weird plays. Simply raise and then type, "Going to send this action back to you flapjack, if you got the checks put them over the line and lets see if you river me." Sounding Intelligent gives players an impression to stay away from you.

Tip #3: Take Your Sweet Ass Time.

Love to do this if your lucky you set some people on tilt. If you know your plan ahead of time (calling, raising, folding ect) say, well Im going to think this through. Use up your full amount of time and at the last second click the mouse. Do this for the flop turn and river, it is a great way to get your competition uneasy and annoyed. You don't make friends, but you make cash.

Tip #4: Irritation.

Next time there is a huge pot you have to try this, say something along the lines of.. " Wow I haven’t NEVER see a pot that big." or " Wow! He has 2 pair. I can not believe that card came on the river. That must be a thorn in your side. Man, that hurts."

Tip #5: Table Talk: Talk Excessively.

This really has to suit your personality. I myself can talk about making toast when I have 300$ in the middle on a bluff. At the tables especially at rooms where bubbles come up when you say something, talk about EVERYTHING you can possibly think or happen. Nicknames are good conversation topics as well as something brutally random. Anything to set your opponents off their game give you the edge. Bringing up big news topics are also a very good way to get players off focus.

Tip #6: Show Your Cards On Bluffs.

Only do this on big bluffs, this drives players absolutely crazy. Bluffing a guy of JQ with 38 is a explosive recipe for tilt. This works well in late stages of tournaments when everyone is playing very tight, it builds your image as a bluffer. Pick up a good hand and its payday.

Most people make their money by taking the game very serious and play tight because they think all the other hands are bad and play very aggressively while doing so. Sure that works for people with tunnel-vision personalities. People who take their time and focus very hard are going to be tight. Again it works but only for those people. If you are struggling trying to play tight, you have to loosen up and start using you imagination to win some cash. Professional poker players say use everything you can to your advantage, so why not use little gimmicks and get under the skin of your opponents set them off and take there chips. There are no rules saying this is wrong so why not use it. You should be at the poker tables to make cash, not friends. Get under their skin and take their cash.

Remember to always keep your chip stacks growing, and keep the good cards rolling. There is no limit to what you can win but there is a limit on what you can lose, quit when your ahead and always gamble responsibly.  Bankroll Boost is your home for new poker articles and the best poker bonuses.