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Greg Raymer

Online Aliases: Fossilman

Greg RaymerGreg Raymer (often referred to as fossilman) has become one of poker's
greatest ambassadors since his WSOP victory in 2004, not to mention a
very respected poker player who is to be feared table.

Hailing from Stonington CT, Greg was a patent attorney (now he plays
poker full time) who always considered himself a family man. It is
the jovial demeanor of Greg Raymer that makes him such a great
spokesperson for the game, and his humble nature has endeared him
to many poker fans and players alike.

Although not everybody is so happy for Greg Raymer, there was an
attempt to rob him for his poker winnings as he went to his Las
Vegas hotel room (which was unsuccessful).

Greg Raymer also irked many of the top poker pros (including
Daniel Negreanu) due to his high profile lawsuit against the

Greg Raymer Videos

Greg Raymer Playing Live on Poker Stars.  Greg is the player using the username FOSSILMAN:

Poker Video - Greg Raymer vs. David Williams - Heads Up at the 2004 WSOP

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