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Full Tilt Poker Jerry Yang, the family man, in his early 30’s he is a father of 6, and now one of the top professional poker players in the world. Not the kind of person many people consider to fit the stereotype for a professional poker player. Often when we think about a professional poker player, we might let our minds wonder to some one who is a heavy drinker, or loves their games, just a little too much. Perhaps we envision players in the dark back room of some bar or alley, playing the card game in secret. This is obviously NOT Jerry Yang.

For the 3rd year in a row, a new professional has won the 2007 World Series of Poker, and this year it was a family man from southern California. This ‘new kid’ has been playing poker for 2 years, prior to his win. Talent and skill come from all walks of life, even those who are happily married, with many children, and a solid life outside of poker. As an example of his truly unique stand, Jerry Yang thanked God as he won the 10,000 USD buy in Main Event. Since the television poker marriage, he is the first to be so visible about faith and his skillful accomplishments. Not long ago, Jerry Yang joined the ranks of many poker professionals, when he had to defend his financial allocations to his hobby. Even with that, this unique skillful poker player will have an impact on the world of poker.

Already Jerry Yang has been embraced by the poker world as an improvement over the 2006 WSOP Champion, Jamie Gold, a Hollywood producer, with all the extras that come with that. Yang is one of the least anticipated types of professional poker player, as currently the competition is being brought from the early 20 something crowd who has had the chance to hone their skills online. It is evident that Jerry Yang, is not one of them, however, the middle income father, happily married and enjoys a good game of poker will hold on to him as a reason to play, and enjoy the game of poker. This may make poker in all forms a more acceptable part of the family home.

Only time will show us how Jerry Yang will fair in the world of the poker professionals, which makes him worth watching, and learning from any time.

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