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Bio, Pictures and Videos of Kimberly Lansing

Kimberly LansingThe TV world has a lot of interesting personalities. One of the sexiest and pleasant personalities to have come on TV in the last few years is Kimberly Lansing. This tall and stunning poker player/journalist is nothing but absolute perfection. Any man would want her to be his wife or girlfriend.

Kimberly has the looks of an all American Girl. She grew up in Southern California in the town of Rancho Mirage. She attended the University of Southern California where she started of her stint as a journalist/broadcaster. With her looks, charm and pizazz, she quickly caught the eye of the top magazines and found a job with Associated Press and US Weekly magazine. This was just the beginning and her real talent was not even being a reporter. She has been in constant demand by most major magazines in the USA from People Magazine, Style and Gala. Every now and then she is also a host on Hollywood TV.

Kim is also a fairly decent poker player. She claims that she was an avid fan of the game at a young age and progressively got better. Today, she has turned out to be an excellent player with a keen eye to detail and knows how to read the cards well.

Her interest in Poker plus her journalistic abilities quickly landed her a spot on Poker TV.

On the Poker TV channel and she works both as a player, analyst and also hosts the show. Her bold and sexy interviewing style relaxes the guest and helps audience members get a heads-up grip on what Poker is all about.

Every Poker show is better than the previous one when Kimberly is on. She provides the latest news about the world of poker and always has a camera in tow to reveal the entertaining side of the game. Her gowns and dresses are always exotic.

She is extremely knowledgeable of Poker and this is where she shines the most. She has hosted countless National and International Poker games, always dressed impeccably and looking gorgeous than ever.

When not on the TV networks or playing poker, she can be found on the Hollywood red carpet interviewing celebrities.

Kimberly Lansing is now a stable fixture on the Poker TV network and many of her shows are taped because of the demands to be elsewhere performing an interview or hosting a Poker championship.

Kimberly Lansing has brought charm and a sense of excitement to the game of poker. This talented lady is on her way to the top and it does not look like anything is going to stop her

Kimberly Lansing Pictures

Kim and Montell
Kimberly with Montell Jordan

Kim Lansing with John Phan
Kimberly with Poker Player John Phan

Kimberly playing poker

Kimberly Lansing Videos

Here is a video of Kimberly with former WPT hostess Layla Kayleigh

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