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Lily Elviro - Mrs. GrinderWe had some incorrect information about Lily Mizrachi before, so Lily contacted us with an update about what should have been here:

"Hello, my name is Aidiliy Lily Mizrachi a.k.a MissGrinder I would like for this site to correct my story. First of my legal name is Aidiliy Lily Mizrachi and me and The Grinder both worked as poker dealers at Seminole Indian casino that was how we met. Also, I do travel a great deal with my husband, "the grinder" and we have three children together. Paul Mizrachi 4years Julie Mizrachi 3 years and Joseph Mizrachi 1 year .. A cute story about our kids when they were born Michael would deal them a hand as their first dealt hand. as for Paul his hand was 10 of hearts and 5 of clubs Julie was K of clubs and 8 of spades and Joseph was A of diamonds and 3 of clubs. we play these hands religiously in ANY GAME.. and we end up winning almost 90% of the time... Julie's middle name is Malka meaning Queen in Hebrew."

Lily Elviro’s biggest poker accomplishment was at the 2005 WPT World Poker Challenge where she came in 27th place and took home $10,352 in prize money.

Lily is currently living with Mizrachi in Hollywood, Florida. She spends most of her time looking after their kids and does not travel as much as Michael, but she does keep her poker game sharp by playing online poker.

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Lily Elviro and James Woods playing poker at the World Poker Tour:

Lily Elviro and James Woods
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