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Phil Ivey

Phil "The Tiger Woods of Poker" Ivey

Phil Ivey Playing PoolPhil Ivey is commonly referred to as the Tiger Woods of poker. Despite looking similar to Tiger, he plays allot like Tiger. Phil simply ruins no limit tables. He has a very aggressive style and is incredibly quiet and focused. You can pick Phil out by looking for a basketball jersey, he commonly wears one from his wide variety at each tournament.

Phil Ivey is 30 years of age and lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Phil is a part of the Full Tilt Poker Network along with another huge cast of stars.

Phil Ivey is very quiet yet extremely aggressive at the tables, he is very observant and capitalizes on players mistakes. He is an incredibly good MTT player and always seem to be at the final tables.

To show how good he is here is a list of his top ten finished in major tournaments.
· World Poker Championship Apr 24, 2005 472 $25,000 6th $264,195
· World Poker Challenge Apr 1, 2005 361 $5,000 3rd $163,908
· Bogart Open Sep 22, 2004 302 $10,000 6th $105,700
· WPT Championship Apr 18, 2003 111 $25,000 3rd $253,313
· Jack Binion World Poker Open Jan 31, 2003 160 $10,000 2nd $291,030
· World Poker Finals Nov 17, 2002 89 $10,000 4th $75,650
· 2005 WSOP Omaha Event. Jun 29, 2005 134 $5,000 1st $630,685
· 2006 WSOP HORSE Event Jul 14, 2006 143 $50,000 3rd $617,760
· 2006 WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo Event. Jul 7, 2006 265 $5,000 2nd $219,208

Phil Ivey is easily one of the best players out there. Like every other poker player he has his own thing, he is quiet and aggressive. This makes him so feared at the poker tables. Play with Phil at Full Tilt Poker.

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