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PKR Affiliate Program Review

Review of the PKR Affiliate Programs

PKR Affiliate ProgramPKR is (in my eyes) one of the best affiliate program because it makes me the most money.  This mainly has to do with the fact that I run the largest PKR rakeback site on the internet, but I also do bring them lots of non-rakeback players every month through this site.

What is so good about PKR?
One of the main reasons I enjoy promoting is because they have the best affiliate manager, Margaret Burke.  Margaret is always there for me when I need something (and at times this can be very frequent).  She responds to her emails within 24 hours and goes beyond the norm in many cases to keep the affiliates happy (ie. correcting any questionable tracking issues always in the favor of the affiliate).

Reporting - Their reporting system is very detailed with the following fields:

User Revenue Bonuses Total Rakeback Pending Bonus % Completion Expiry
This allows you to track almost all activity on the player account, and makes it very easy for keeping track of rakeback players.

Maximizing Revenue - PKR wants you to succeed as an affiliate of theirs and offers a nice report for FREE on how you can maximize your profits.  This is a great report which offers some excellent tips on how to make more money by promoting PKR.

Easy Campaign Creation - One of the nicest features PKR has is the ability to create campaigns.  You can set up your own bonus codes, allow rakeback (which is paid automatically by PKR and requires no work from the affiliate) and assign different names to the campaigns.  Here is a screenshot:
PKR Campaign Creation

Affiliate Bonuses - Another nice thing that PKR does, is they offer a variety of special promotions for their affiliates.  This includes:
- Monthly promotions to recognize your efforts.
- Regular prize draws open to all registered affiliates.

Multi-Language Support - PKR allows you to promote to many different languages.  All you have to do is change your code with the following:
Dutch =
Finnish =
French =
Italian =
Danish =
Brazilian Portuguese =
German =
Spanish =
Norwegian =
Swedish =

Show me the money! - PKR only offers revenue share (MGR) and not CPA.  Here is what you will make:
20% of the revenue of all your players up to $10,000
25% of the revenue of your players from $10,001 - $50,000
30% of the revenue of your players over $50,000

What can be improved?
As much as I like PKR, there are still a few things they could improve just to put them over the top.  For one, they could use some more banners.  They have quite a few different sizes, but really only 3 different styles.  Fortunately I have noticed they have added some more stylish banners lately, so it looks like they are working on improving this.

I hope that eventually PKR will update their system to show player IDs and not just the number associated with the account.  This makes it a little difficult to track the players when they sign up for rakeback, but fortunately if I ever have questions about certain players, Margaret is there to help.

The only other thing that I find a little annoying is the use of multiple campaigns.  Since I have several different sites, I like to have different campaigns.  To track the players on these campaigns, I have to go into each individual campaign to identify the player ID, then look this up on their main reports.  It would be a little better if the main report identified what campaign the player signed up under, but its not really the end of the world. 

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