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Poker Game Types

Variations of Poker

Poker is a well-known game among different folks, and each has adapted the game and made it as their own with their own set of rules and regulations that made them unique yet similar as well in more ways than one.

Variations in Poker

In general, poker games can be divided into three major categories - shared hand game, stud game and draw game. Examples for each are Texas Hold‘em, five card draw and seven-card stud, respectively.

From time to time, you may also come across more variations of the game such as high/low, guts and bid poker. A more consistent aspect of poker play would be the hand rankings with very few exceptions where some poor hands can become a big hand or more rules based on the agreement of the players on the table.

Specifics of Each Game Type

Texas Holdem is by far the most popular type of poker currently, mainly due to its wide viewership on televisions.  The popularity was so great that players have even started to play poker online.  With this game, each player is initially dealt with two hole cards followed by the flop. The turn and river come in successive turns and are both dealt face up. With each set or single card dealt to players, it is followed by a round of betting until the time when all players remaining go for the showdown to see who was able to come up with the best five-card hand taken from the hole and board cards.

If we talk about five-card draws, there are only three to seven people involved. Each player is dealt five cards followed by betting based on the hands. Some may opt to change three of the cards for new ones from the deck or four if this player can show an ace for his fifth card. After this, another round of betting occurs until the best hand is revealed and wins the game.

There would be three to ten players for the seven card stud with a total of, you guessed it right, seven cards dealt to each player. The seven cards though are dealt in increments first with two cards facing down and the third facing up. The betting then starts before the fourth, fifth and sixth cards are dealt facing up followed by betting for each card dealt to players. The last card is dealt facing down with the final bets placed before the showdown happens.

The three games listed above are all available to play online.  Full Tilt Poker is one site that offers all three of these games.  You can play for free (fun chips) or if you think you are ready, you can make a deposit and play for some real money.

Two other poker games popular in casinos are known as Pai Gow poker and Carribean poker involving a game between the dealer and a player or seven players in the case of the former. Go ahead and pick your game of poker next time you visit the nearby casino for something more different yet enjoyable to play than the usual poker you get.  You can even start practicing many of these games online at many of the top online poker sites.

Not only will these sites let you play for free, many of them include full tutorials to get you started!