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Poker Money Management

Poker Bankroll Management

Online poker is growing more popular every day, with hundreds of online card rooms ready to deal you in to the virtual felt. Online poker can be quite profitable, but it is not easy to be a winning player. One of the tricky aspects of online poker you may not have considered is money management. If you are going to be successful in online poker, you must be able to manage your bankroll correctly.

Money management is even more important in online poker than in live casino poker. In live casino poker, you often bring a set amount of money to the casino, sit down at a particular table, and stay at that table and game until your stake runs out or you get tired. Online, you are free to jump from table to table and limit to limit at your pleasure. You can switch from Texas Hold em to Omaha or from cash games to tournaments just as easily. This is why money management is a crucial skill for online poker.

You should have at least 500 times the amount of the big bet in the game you play to be safe. Poker is a game of luck fluctuations, and it is possible to run bad for quite some time before skill takes over. Having 500 times the big bet does not guarantee you will never go broke. If you are a negative expectation player, you will eventually go broke no matter how big your bankroll is. However, if you are good enough to win at least one big bet an hour on average, 500 times the big bet should keep you going. If you play different limits, you should have 500 times the big bet in the biggest limit you play..

This does not mean you need to sit down with $3000 every time you join a $3/$6 game. In fact, you should only be risking 10 to 20 percent of your bankroll at any one session. It simply means that that is the amount you should have in reserve. You should not move up in limits unless your bankroll can support it. Even if it can, you should probably play at your current limit for long enough to determine whether your success is a matter of short-term luck fluctuations or skill. Moving up in limits when you are not ready to do so can be devastating to your bankroll, so make this decision with great care.

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