Wire Transfer Poker Sites

Use wire transfer for online poker

Wire Transfer Poker SitesWhile credit cards may seem like the easiest and most obvious method of funding your online poker account, they aren’t always. Some card companies won’t allow for gambling-related transactions, and some poker sites won’t accept your specific card. Finding a site and card that are compatible is often a matter of luck, luck you would be better off saving for the game. Besides, do you really want to keep racking up the bills, accumulating debt with no way to escape despite the number of hands you win? There has to be a better way - one where there is no denying where the money has gone and no paying for it later. Fortunately, there is.

Wire transfers alleviate the problems credit cards create, providing you with a fast and easy method to secure the cash you need. In fact, they are known to be the quickest way to deposit and withdraw, and are often relied upon by those who have had previous credit card problems. If that’s you, pay attention to the directions that follow.

Poker Sites That Accept Wire Transfers

  Poker Room USA Bonus Play
Intertops Poker Bovada Poker US $500 Download Intertops Poker
Intertops Poker Ignition Poker US $1000 Download Intertops Poker
Bet Online Poker Intertops Poker US $600 Download BetOnline Poker
Bet Online Poker BetOnline Poker US $2500 Download BetOnline Poker
Bet Online Poker Sportsbetting Poker US $2500 Download BetOnline Poker

To complete a wire transfer transaction, simply log onto your bank’s Web site or telephone, fax or talk face-to-face with a representative at your local branch. Provide the bank with the information the chosen site has provided you. This will typically be e-mailed to you when you create an account and select the wire transfer option. If it’s not, check with the site immediately. Once you give the bank your information, the funds will be deposited into your account, and you’ll be ready to start gambling. When you win, the funds will be transferred back to your bank. You’ll be kept informed again by e-mail, providing you with documentation of every cent that comes and goes from your bank account. Sounds pretty simple and secure; seems like the method you should have opted for from the start, doesn’t it?

Below is a list of the top five poker sites that accept wire transfers. Make sure you find one that is 100-percent U.S. okay. Rules and regulations have limited what some sites can and cannot do. You may have to dig a little before you find a game room willing to accept your transaction. Once you have however, you will realize that you have discovered a quick and easy way to build the pot that you’ll be taking home at the end of each hand.

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