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Poker Players Disappointed with Supreme Court Ruling on Rummy Case

The gambling world feels that India could be the next big market for online poker. Early in 2015, PokerStars signed a sponsorship deal with Aditya Agarwal, the first Indian member of its Team Poker Pro.
Unfortunately, the Indian Supreme Court did not rule in poker’s favor this week. Right from the start, the case had more to do with rummy than poker. It revolved around The Mahalakshmi Cultural Association, a rummy club that the police department had cracked down upon because it used to host real money rummy games.
The club therefore went to the Madras High Court, and in 2012, the court ruled that rummy is illegal as it is a gambling game. Supported by rummy sites and clubs, the club appealed this ruling in the Supreme Court on grounds that the High Courts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka had earlier ruled that rummy is legal.
The Supreme Court’s ruling exempted online rummy sites as “the judgment in question does not pertain to online rummy.”
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled that it could make no ruling related to rummy and instructed the club to withdraw its petition. It turned out that the case had nothing to do with the game of rummy, but with some other type of betting activity. Since a trial court had already acquitted the club, there was nothing for the Supreme Court to deliver a verdict on.
Poker players were interested in the case because of the similarities between poker and rummy. Any ruling on rummy would have had an effect on poker.
Poker is already considered to be a game of skill in India. In 2013, a high court had ruled that Hi-5 Club could hold poker games as long as they were “played as a game of skill.”
Currently, online poker rooms such as 888poker and PokerStars accept Indian players.

App that Recreates Poker Games on Mobile Devices

Users of mobile devices do not face any shortage of online poker applications, but they will soon discover that Bold Poker stands in a class of its own. This unique app can use iPads as dealers and neighboring iPhones or Android devices as poker hands.
Bold Poker can re-create a poker game as it allows players to make use of genuine chips. In addition to real chips, a player who wishes to use Bold Poker needs an iPad or an iPhone and a fast Internet connection.
To use Bold Poker, a player must first download the Bold Poker app, which is available free of cost. This app is capable of looping all players into a poker game automatically. The iPad then functions as the dealer and shuffles and deals out cards to the participants of a game. Players should then just swipe their iPads to see their cards and place bets just as they would if they were using the chips they have brought along. Players can then examine their hands on their iPhones just as they would if they were using real cards.
Bold Poker comes with a program for monetization. Once every thirty minutes, the iPad dealer leaves for a five-minute “cigarette break.” If players do not want their dealer to take breaks, they need to make a payment.
Using Bold Poker is not that difficult. It is a well-designed, free-to-use, and simple application, which serves to preserve all aspects of playing a poker game in real life.
Bold Poker is better than any shuffling machine or human dealer. It is safe, secure, and private as it uses TLS 1.3 with forward secrecy and certificate pinning. This simply means that nobody can decrypt or intercept it.
Players have been downloading Bold Poker free of charge for a long time.

Jennifer Harman Wants To Be A Member Of The Poker Hall Of Fame

Jennifer Harman is one of the most popular female poker players in the world and has made close to $3 million in prize money during her career. The poker industry is dominated by male players but Harman has established herself over the years as being one of the most consistent female poker players in the world.
The 50 year old poker player has been nominated for five consecutive years to be enrolled into the Poker Hall of Fame but hasn’t been selected till now. The Poker Hall of Fame (PHOF) inducts two players each year into the Hall of Fame and the first round of shortlisting for 2015 nominees was recently concluded. Harman finds herself once again being a part of the shortlisted players and eagerly awaits to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
The PHOF has already inducted 48 players and this year will take its tally to 50 and Harman dearly wants to be either 49 or 50 on the list. Some of the existing PHOF members include the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Scotty Nguyen, Mike Sexton, Phil Hellmuth and Roger Moore. The selection criteria for being nominated into the PHOF requires the nominee to have competed against the best players in the world, played high stake games and have a consistent record along with the respect of their peers.
In a statement, Harman said “Well, with the Poker Hall of Fame…basically poker is a solo sport. You basically have to pat yourself on the back and even when you are losing you have to pat yourself on the back if you think you played well. I think getting into the Hall of Fame means that your peers respect what you have done with your life and career. That’s really important”.

Online Poker Community Loses Chad Batista a.k.a “lilholdem954″

The online poker community lost one of the top online poker players in the world as Chad Batista a.k.a “lilholdem954″ recently passed away. Batista also used the handle “M8kingmoves” when he played on PocketFives.com and dominated the game for a number of months. He was the number 1 online poker player on PocketFives.com between the 22nd of August 2007 and 2nd July 2008 and was almost unbeatable.
After the infamous Black Friday in the United States, Batista’s online presence significantly diminished and so did his popularity. He decided to move to Mexico in 2013 and kick start his online poker career and spent some time on the PokerStars website. He played extremely well at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker which had a $2,100 buy-in and ended up winning $264,408 which was his biggest online payout ever.
Batista never restricted himself to the online poker platform but also participated in a number of live poker events and had made a total of $952,496 in prize money. His biggest achievement on the live circuit was when he participated at the 2006 WSOP and won the WSOP Circuit Caesars Indiana $5,000 Championship Event and took home a gold ring and $262,002 in prize money.
Batista was only 35 years old and according to his close friends had to deal with a lot of pain in life. The reason for his untimely death is not yet known and his family has requested for privacy and prayers.
Batista was once described by Brett Collson from PokerNews as “One of the most feared and successful tournament players in the world. He won major event after major event, while attracting fans (and detractors) with his brash and aggressive behavior on the virtual felt. Batista’s stardom faded after Black Friday, but his online moniker is one we’ll certainly never forget”.

Nurse Quits Her ER Career To Become Full Time Poker Player

There are a lot of people working regular jobs because they have to and not because they want to. ER Trauma Nurse Angela Parker liked her job but her secret desire was always to take up a full time poker career and turn in to a poker pro. The 32 year old recently decided to make a bold decision and quit her job at a hospital in Houston and pursue her dream to play poker on a full time basis.
Parker thought long and hard about her a decision as she realizes that on the outside playing poker and winning large sums of money may look glamorous but in reality it involves a lot of hard work, long hours at the poker table and a constant desire to learn and improve one’s poker strategy.
In the end Parker decided that it was in her best interests to take a risk and go full time. She has been inspired by Kelly Minkin who came in 29th at the recent 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event in Las Vegas. Kelly was the only woman to make it into the top 30 and took home $222,821. Parker’s dream is to become the first woman in the history of the WSOP to win the main event.
She is currently playing a number of of low-stakes no-limit hold’em poker matches as she wants to gain experience and improve her game. She has also hired a coach to help her with her poker strategy and mindset. The former nurse believes that her experience in a trauma ward has helped her to cope with pressure and deal with stress and states that these valuable lessons will benefit her greatly at the poker table where she is exposed to a similar environment of high pressure.

PokerStars Launches Sports Betting Portal In Ireland

PokerStars has been operating its poker and casino games in Ireland but is now ready to expand its sports betting portfolio as well after Ireland granted it a sports betting license. The Amaya owned PokerStars believes that there is a strong base in Ireland for its list of sports betting games and will use its PokerStars 7 client to launch its sports betting portfolio.
The website will offer sports betting enthusiasts in Ireland the option of betting on a number of games including American Football, Aussie Rules Football, rugby union, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball, ice hockey, golf, snooker and football. The company also plans to add horse racing to its portfolio in the coming months.
Ireland had recently tightened its gambling regulations after passing a new Gambling (Amendment) Act of 2015 earlier this year which required gambling companies to pay a licensing fee of €10,000 every couple of years in order to continue to operate in Ireland. The government has also imposed a 1% tax turnover on the majority of casino bets and a 15% tax turnover on all sports betting.
PokerStars has not been fazed by these new regulations or high tax rates as the biggest poker website in the world has a strong customer base and is confident that it can make significant profits from its sports betting gaming portfolio. PokerStars has made it a habit to dominate just about every gambling market it enters into.
In a statement, Stephen Fisk, the sports betting managing director for PokerStars said “We’re very pleased to receive a license for our sports betting offering on PokerStars in Ireland. Our operation of poker, casino games, and now sports betting shows that players trust us to deliver a variety of games in a fun and exciting way. We look forward to building on this by operating under this new license.”