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Tim Chung Wins GPS 2014 Newcastle Main Event

Tim Chung has won the main event of the Newcastle leg of the Genting Poker Series (GPS) 2014.
The final day of the main event began with 12 players, but two of them were eliminated in just 20 minutes. Jonathan Beck and Jamie Dale busted on the river, and by that time, Chung had amassed 2.4 million chips. The final table action began fifteen minutes later. The nine finalists were Willie Tann (213,000 chips), Rob Yong (1,587,000), Tim Chung (2,468,000), Tom Brady (302,000), John Stirling (207,000), Colin Turnbull (611,000), Brett Angell (550,000), George Harle (262,000), and Keith Hawkins (1,303,000).
John Stirling busted just fifteen minutes after the final table action began. The next player to be eliminated was George Harle. The player responsible for their elimination Tom Brady had to leave the table in the seventh place because the cards were in favor of Chung.
Colin Turbull busted in the sixth position after the break and then it was Keith Hawkin’s turn. The final table action had boiled down to a four-handed match which went on for an hour till Yong was eliminated. When Tann busted in the third place, the game became an exciting heads up between Angell and Chung.
When the heads-up match began, Chung was the chip leader and Angell was not able to win the race. When the final hand was being played, Angell placed a bet of 120,000 and called when Chung raised the bet to 300,000. When Chung bet 225,000, Angell responded with an all-in bet. Chung called the bet and then presented a King and a Queen. On the turn and the river, the cards favored Chung and Angell had to be content with the runner-up position.
The GPS will stop at the Dusk Till Dawn in the middle of September. This tournament had a player field of 935 last year.

Full Tilt Poker Branded Items to Be Sold in Auction

Jay Sugarman Auction Corporation will be organizing a mega auction on August 2, Saturday to give poker fans their last opportunity to purchase over 200,000 items bearing the Full Tilt Poker brand, all worth around $3,500,000.
This auction will be held at San Dimas in California at 11:00 a.m., and Jay Sugarman Auction Corporation claims that they purchased these items at the online poker room’s reclamation store. Poker fans can grab this opportunity to purchase items ranging from freezer mugs, hoodies, golf bags, and clothes bearing the Full Tilt Poker brand.
The auction will also give poker players the opportunity to purchase classic poker books such as “Every Hand Revealed” by Gus Hansen, “Theory of Poker” by David Sklansky, and “Harrington on Hold’em” by Dan Harrington at affordable rates and in several languages. Poker chip sets are also available.
Any poker enthusiast who holds a bank account, a MasterCard, or a Visa card can place bids on any item of their choice online. Jay Sugarman has made such arrangements to make sure that poker players from all over the world can take part in the auction.
Although Full Tilt Poker has not made any official statement, the auction scheduled for Aug 2, Saturday may give poker enthusiasts their last chance to purchase gadgets, clothing, and other items bearing the Full Tilt Poker brand as the brand will soon cease to exist. On July 18, 2014, the online poker room announced that it will soon be rebranded to Full Tilt Gaming. This means that the once poker-only site will soon start offering a wide range of other gaming services along with poker.
Amaya Gaming, which recently acquired Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, said that Full Tilt Gaming will become a complete Internet gambling product, combining the original poker-only product with several online casino games belonging to Amaya.

PokerStars Reverses Changes in Tournament Policies

PokerStars has upset a number of poker players by changing its satellite tournament policy. A thread was created on Two Plus Two forum on July 10 to inform players that they cannot unregister from a tournament they had qualified for through a satellite.
Professional poker players have always used satellites to convert their Frequent Player Points (FPPs) into Tournament Dollars (T$), which could then be redeemed for real money. This method of converting FPPs into real money is the favorite of Sit N Go players and cash game players as well because it gave them better value than VIP stores, which favor only those who have reached the top VIP levels.
The change in policy upset many players as it makes it compulsory for players to take part in the target tournament. Eventually, PokerStars paid heed to players’ feedback and said that it would reverse the changes by July 21, Monday.
PokerStars said that it had two reasons to reverse the changes. First, the changes led to software errors on mobile phones and tablets. Second, PokerStars understood that the changes did not please a number of players who used satellites to convert FPPs into real money.
The online poker room stated that the changes were implemented to make sure that satellite qualifiers achieved their purpose of helping players qualify for tournaments that their bankrolls did not permit them to play. However, the changes produced the unwanted, though unintended, impact on loyalty rewards for a certain section of the PokerStars’ gaming community.
Players were delighted when PokerStars reversed its changes. However, PokerStars also stated that it could re-implement the changes in the near future. Before doing that, PokerStars will have to deal with the bug in the software and also make sure that their changes will not have a negative impact on player FPPs.

Party Poker Launches New Mobile FastForward Poker App

Party Poker has launched FastForward: Special Edition, a mobile poker application that enables players to control their poker gaming activities with swipe actions. Meant exclusively for FastForward games, the app is compatible with iPads and iPhones and is available only in the iTunes stores of Ireland, UK, Sweden, and Austria.
Following the launch, Party Poker announced that the new app re-defines the very meaning of playing one-handed. The company stated: “Our new Fastforward: Special Edition poker app features a patent pending swipe-based interface that adds another gear to playing fastforward poker.”
The app does not have the usual Bet, Fold, and Raise buttons. Instead, players have to tap and swipe to show that they want to place a bet. For instance, if they want to fold, they must swipe off their cards. If they want to check, they must tap their screens twice. And to raise or bet, they should swipe the chips onto the screen from the right. Bet amounts can be selected by clicking on the pot.
Currently in the beta version, the app allows players to play FastForward games for fun as well as real money with other players registered at PartyPoker.com.
PartyPoker has used HTML5 to build its new app, which it says is “an experiment in new technology.” The company says that the app was created exclusively for users of mobile devices after carefully taking into consideration how these devices can be used to play games of poker. The company says, “The game is the same, but HOW you play is nothing at all like on other mobile poker games.” The company has plans to launch another version of the app, this time based on browsers.
If the beta version of the app turns out to be a success, the company will launch it in other markets, including New Jersey.

Poker Player Arrested for Operating Illegal Sportsbook

Paul Phua, a high-stakes poker player, has been arrested for involvement in an illegal World Cup betting ring that operated from three luxury suites at Caesars Palace, a hotel casino based in Las Vegas. A gang of eight, including a woman, was accepting bets through computers connected to many other offshore computers.
Fifty-year-old Phua occupies the first rank on the Macau All-time Money List of Hendon Mob. Three months back, he finished in the sixth place in the EPT Grand Final High Roller Tournament, which was held at Monte Carlo. However, the Federal Bureau of Investigation says that Paul Phua is actually Wei Seng Phua, the member of an organized group of criminals called 14k Triad.
In the middle of June, Phua was arrested in Macau for operating an illegal betting outfit, but was later bailed out. Apparently, he rushed to Las Vegas to continue operating his illegal betting ring. However, Caesars Palace got suspicious when Phua demanded high-tech equipment in the luxury suites. The hotel casino’s employees reported that Phua had installed computers connected to a sportsbook along with three huge TVs showing World Cup games.
On July 9, FBI agents raided the luxury suites, seized high-tech equipment, and gambling-related equipment. The eight defendants were charged with illegally using electronic devices to transmit gambling-related information and running a sportsbook.
Phua’s bail has been set for $2 million and his private jet worth $48 million has been set as collateral. Many poker players are now trying to bail Phua out of jail, and poker player Andrew Robl is prepared to raise $1.5 million of it.
Among the eight arrested was 56-year-old Seng Chen Yong, a Malaysian poker player, who had finished fourth in the Manila leg of the Asian Poker Tour in April 2012.
The FBI, the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and the Homeland Security Investigations are currently investigating.

Win PokerNews Cup Prize Packages at Full Tilt Poker

The sixth PokerNews Cup will be played from October 2 to October 5, 2014 in the Montesino Casino at Vienna in Austria. The PokerNews Cup has been an extremely successful event so far, giving recreational and professional poker players from countries all over the world the chance to play with one another and win large prizes.
The PokerNews Cup 2014 includes a main event with a buy-in of €250 and a guaranteed prize of €75,000 followed by a second chance tournament with a buy-in of €60 and a guaranteed prize of €20,000.
The good news is that interested poker players do not have to spend a lot of money to take part in this event. They only have to part with $3 as Full Tilt Poker is giving them a rare opportunity to qualify for the event for only $3.30. Full Tilt Poker is running two qualifier satellites to the event, each rewarding nine winners with a PokerNews Cup prize package worth $1,150, which includes the buy-in to the main event.
The prize package includes the buy-in to the main event, a 3-night stay at Vienna’s Hotel Roomz, and $350 for spending and travelling. Those interested only have to sign up at Full Tilt Poker through PokerNews and make a deposit. The satellites will be held on August 13 and September 10, giving players two chances to win a PokerNews Cup prize package. These satellites are meant only for readers of PokerNews.com and are available only to those who sign up through a link provided by PokerNews.
The 18 winners will get the opportunity to travel all the way to one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, meet other PokerNews.com readers, interact with them, and win incredibly large prizes. And to make all this possible, players only have to part with $3.30.