2 Months 2 Million, Do you Play Better With a Goal in Mind?

Alright, I’ll get to the 2 months 2 million update in a few min.  First, as i was reading the news of how much these guys are up, it got me thinking.  First i thought..what happens when these guys hit 2 million?  That’s quite the feat.  I mean, 2 million bucks.  They just cracked 198,600 in 2 weeks.  At this rate they will only have 800,000 at the end of an 8 week stretch, so they admittedly need to pick it up, but for the “”Average” player increasing your bankroll like that would be great.  But when they hit 2 million, would they cash out? would it stay in their online accounts?  Is there some agreement with G4? hmm

Next i thought about goals.  Goals for your game play.  These 4 guys have one goal in mind.  They need to make 2000,000 in 2 months.  Does that affect their game play?  Do they fold that risky all-in in favor of the safer play, or do they push BECAUSE they are short on time?  Does the goal itself give you meaning, or is the time line the thing that drives you?  In my opinion most players, when starting out online or even veteran online players who do it as a hobby, generally don’t have a goal to reach for.  You fire up your account, and unless you’re playing with money that “matters” you’re not thinking to increase your bankroll.  If you lose a tourney, or drop 20 bucks at a cash table, it’s not a huge deal.  There is no game plan.  That can seriously adversely affect your bankroll over the long term. 

Anyway….back to the 2 months for 2 mil.  It seems that G4 is trying to show the glam and glitz of Las Vegas..and don’t get me wrong..i love Vegas…but when i watch a poker show..I’m watching for the poker.  Not for prop bets on a golf course.  I’m pretty sure i could watch Negreanu’s video blog for golf course prop bets.  I’m also not watching to see them hire a personal assistant.  I get that this is trying to show off the life…but focus on the POKER!

Last week the 4 guys ended up $35,700, but Stern was down 10,000 early in the second week.  2 Months for 2 Million introduced the tilt room.  Scary.  right. The tilt room (which looks like it was the garage) included items to kick, punch and throw (including watermelons, a garbage can and stuffed animals).  In response to being 10,000 in the red, Stern committed to a lock down day.  24 straight hours of online poker.  this seems like a great idea because, in his own words “In poker, the more you play, the better your chances of winning assuming you’re a winning player. When you play tens of thousands of hands, the luck factor slowly dissipates.”  As it turned out, 12 hours later, he was 30,000 in the red and decided that 12 hours was good enough and began drinking.  Then they hired a harpist.  I’m not really sure why that happened.  I’m sure it made for great TV (read: sarcasm).  Actually, as soon as they hired the Harpist, i turned it off because i was already tired of the hiring people antics, and hiring a harpist was totally the end of my patience. 

As the numbers stand at the end of week 2:  

Rosenkrantz was up $147,000,

Roberts was up $46,000,

Patel was down $11,500,

Stern was $18,600 in the red.

Collectively, the team was up $162,900 for the week and $198,600 overall.

Pick it up guys, and for gods sakes, focus on the poker and stop hiring harpists….

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