Hamilton And Malmuth Rated Most Hated Poker Players?

Poker players are hated for a number of reasons, but chiefly, they are hated for being successful cheats. Occasionally, a player is hated simply for their behavior at the poker table.
A poker blog recently pin-pointed Russ Hamilton as the most hated poker player and put Mason Malmuth in at second place. Josh “JJProdigy” Fields was given the third place position for the most hated poker player.
Josh “JJProdigy” Fields was listed after he enraged the entire poker gaming community with his ability to multi account while Mason Malmuth is detested for his refusal to deal with any nonsense at the two plus two forums. Russ Hamilton is hated because he cheated hapless players of millions of dollars.
Josh “JJProdigy” Fields’ poker success astounded the entire poker gaming community till people discovered that he was multi-accounting at several poker rooms with the help of a loophole and gaining several entries into the same tournaments. Although Fields was not the only player held guilty of multi accounting, his failure to apologize and his refusal to give up his dirty habit enraged other poker players. Today, almost every poker room online has banned Fields; moreover, he enrages his opponents at live poker events too. Chad Holloway of PokerNews.com recently reported that Fields was verbally abused by Alex “AJKHoosiers1” at a live poker event.
Mason Malmuth, the administrator and owner of Two Plus Two, rules the forums with an iron hand and refuses to tolerate anybody who breaks the rules. Malmuth has had zillions of altercations with other members of the poker community. He has argued over petty issues with the poker media, professional poker players, and his own employees.
Champion of the World Series of Poker 1994 and founder of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, Russ Hamilton was found guilty of using sophisticated methods of cheating Ultimate Bet players of millions of dollars. He had to later refund nearly $22,100,000. He was banned from Ultimate Bet, but poker players continued to loathe him so much that he was politely told not to participate in WSOP 2009.

Negreanu Beats Blom at PokerStars SuperStar Showdown Rematch

Viktor “isildur1” Blom’s latest PokerStars SuperStar Showdown, a non-limit heads-up Texas Hold’em tournament played against legendary poker player Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu in two phases of 2,500 hands each has generated plenty of interest and excitement in the online poker gaming community.
Negreanu was definitely in the red for $150,000 halfway through the first phase of the Showdown and spectators believed that he was done for. The second phase of the heads-up was run this week, and in a surprising and dramatic turn of events at the poker table, Negreanu finished as the winner of the match and with a cool prize of $26,500 added to his bankroll.
When the second phase of the heads-up match began, Blom was definitely the lead play and he remained in the lead for $100k even after 1200 hands were played. Blom was still the leading player after 100 more hands, and spectators felt that he will win the match. But KidPoker drew himself neck to neck with his opponent when there were just 350 hands left for the match to end. When there were just 38 more hands to play, he was way ahead of Blom. Ultimately, Negreanu’s pocket aces won over Blom’s pocket fours, as a result of which he pocketed the prize of $20,000 and turned out as the winner of a tough poker battle.
The heads-up against Negreanu was Blom’s second loss. Previously, he had lost to the Australian professional poker player Tony G. Guoga. Otherwise, Blom had successfully won all the other five heads-up tournaments he had played as part of PokerStars SuperStar Showdown.
Blom’s next heads-up will be against Scott “urnotindanger” Palmer, another two-part event, the first part of which will be held on April 2nd, Sunday at PokerStars. The outcome of this match is definitely bound to be interesting.

Gus Hansen Is The Biggest Winner At Full Tilt With $4.2 Million

Gus Hansen has reigned as the supreme king of online poker for nearly 7 months, with his current bankroll being $2 million more than that of Matt Hawrinlenko, his rival at Full Tilt Poker. After Hansen’s recent success at the $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha game, his total winnings for the year have shot up to $4,196,883.
Last week saw Hansen losing $560k while playing against O Fortuna PLS, a loss that did not upset the Danish player much, especially since he succeeded in adding another $1.3 million to his bankroll shortly thereafter. Surprisingly, the last poker pro who contributed heavily to Hansen’s bulging bankroll was Phil Ivey, who played against Hansen in a $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha game. Ivey lost a total of $200k after 95 hands were played and was wise enough to put an end to the session.
Hansen appears to have corrected a number of flaws in his high-stakes strategies recently. Moreover, his whopping World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2010 success has greatly boosted his self-confidence. These could be the factors responsible for the 37-year-old pro’s success and wins worth $6.4 million since September 2010.
Hansen, however, is known to lose all his winnings in the shortest possible time. For instance, in March 2009, Hansen’s total winnings soared to $4.26 million, and by the end of 2009, he was in the red for $5,575,624. History repeated itself in February 2010 when Hansen built his bankroll to $2.73 million and ended the year by losing $225,228.
This time, Gus Hansen is determined to make his good luck last and is looking forward to finish the current year at the top of the leader board at Full Tilt Poker. He has no dearth of fans all over the world, who hope that he will end the year as the biggest winner of Full Tilt Poker.

Nevada Lawmakers Move to Legalize Online Poker

William Horne of the D-34th district, the representative of the state of Nevada and a minority legislator in the Nevada Assembly, has introduced a bill into the assembly on March 10 in a move to legalize online poker in the state of Nevada. This bill, which is also referred to as AB 258, requires officials of various gambling agencies to create effective gambling regulation and appoint regulators to monitor manufacturers of online poker products and various online poker operators.

The bill contains provisions that will make it mandatory for the Nevada Gaming Commission to provide state licenses to existing online poker sites, which includes prominent players such as PokerStars, to run online poker businesses within the state of Nevada. The law proposes to make Nevada the legal home of online poker so that online gambling enthusiasts residing in other states can enjoy playing legal and regulated online poker.

Although the UIGEA, passed by the federal government in 2006, prevents financial institutions and banks from processing gambling-related funds, a large number of offshore online poker sites not only accept US players, but also help them process their funds safely and legally. A report in the Wall Street Journal says that the international online poker gaming industry generates revenues of $5 billion every year.

However, not everybody in Nevada is in favor of this bill. Caesars Entertainment Corp., which advocates nationwide legalization of online poker, has expressed its criticism of AB 258. Caesars is the largest casino gaming business not only in Nevada, but all over the world.

Legislators in the states of California, Iowa, and Florida are also mulling over introducing similar bills in a bid to regulate and legalize online poker gaming for the benefit of online poker gaming enthusiasts in those states. Early this March, the governor of New Jersey approved a similar bill.

Mystery Online Poker Player Wins Millions in a Few Days

A mystery poker player called XWINK has turned heads at Full Tilt Poker by playing against top poker players such as Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, and Tom “durrrr” Dwan at Full Tilt Poker’s high stakes tables. Many believe XWINK to be the same person as XBLINK who hails from Canada and bears the credit of converting a deposit of $4000 into $2 million in four days only.
XWINK, who is only 21 years old, said that he managed to win over $2 million because of his exceptional skills at managing his bankroll. Later, he admitted that he once lost $1.2 million in just one day.
XBLINK, who transformed a deposit of $750 into $1 million on UB Poker, later changed his base to Full Tilt Poker and his username to XWINK. The UB Blog and the poker enthusiasts at Two Plus Two took a great deal of interest in the poker exploits of XBLINK on UB poker till he collected his $1 million and simply vanished from the scene.
In June 2010, however, XBLINK appeared at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker as XWINK, won quite a significant amount of money, and disappeared for a brief period again. XWINK was back again on March 3, Thursday and won a breathtakingly huge amount of $700k. On Friday, he picked another $1.2 million playing against Rui Cao, David Benefield, and “skjervoy.”
Since he is in the habit of making regular posts on Two Plus Two, poker enthusiasts find it easy to follow his exploits. In other words, XWINK is doing exactly what he did on UB—play at the high stakes tables and win big, making people wonder what he does with his winnings. The online poker community is now looking forward to some exciting high stakes poker action thanks to XWINK.

Teenage Poker Player Turns $30 Into $1.6 Million

When the story of an 18-year-old poker player from Portugal who successfully transformed a tiny deposit into a huge bankroll of $2,000,000 broke out on Two Plus Two, a number of poker enthusiasts refused to believe it.
The person who posted the story mentioned that the teenaged Portuguese player had received special training from poker pros such as Daniel “jungleman12” Cates. The rest of the online poker community dismissed the story since it appeared as if the poster had become obsessed with uncovering the identity of the teen player.
Things got exciting on March 2, Wednesday, when a poster called “Girah” claimed in a Two Plus Two thread that he was the Portuguese player in question. Although he claimed that his lawyers had advised him against publishing his identity, he posted screenshots of hands played, which showed that he had made a breathtakingly huge profit of $1,624,044.95. He also said that he had made all this money from a tiny insignificant first deposit of $30 on Betfair Poker.
Jose Machado, the 18-year-old player, was inspired by Tom “durrrr” Dwan’s tale of poker success and decided to imitate his success. He practiced player poker for real money and spent a lot of time on Zynga, the Facebook poker site. He then convinced his mother to allow him to fund his Betfair Poker account with her credit card and proceeded to become a roaring poker success.
He began by playing at the low stakes tables and converted his $30 into $2,500 in just one month. Slowly, he began playing at tables with $5/$10 stakes. During this time, he received coaching from top poker pros such as Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky and Cates and used the knowledge to win over $280k. Today, he is a regular at $25/$50 tables and at $50/$100 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments.