Aced $50k Guaranteed – HUGE OVERLAY (Trip Report)

Last Friday my friend told me that Aced was running a $100 rebuy tournament with a $30,000 overlay (and its only a $50k guaranteed!!!).  Being the huge fish that I am, I decided to give it a go yesterday and sure enough there was still a massive overlay.  Only 220 players were playing, and of those only 30 actually rebought!  There were no add-ons or anything so it only cost me $100 to play.

My eyes were on the $13,500 first place prize, but after suffering a sick beat late in the game my stack size dropped quite significantly.  I made it through the bubble and continued grinding away.  The competition was overall awful, but the blinds were getting high and I needed to make a move soon.  Finally, I looked down at AK in early position with the shortest stack on the big blind.  With less than 10 BBs I shoved it in and it was folded all the way around except for the big blind.  At first I thought, well, it is probably a coin flip, but he turned over KK and I knew I was dominated.

I ended up busting 1 away from the final table in 11th place, which was soooo sick as every position after that increased significantly in their payouts.  Still, I can’t complain at making $400 in profit for a few hours work.

The overlay is getting smaller and smaller every week, so if you don’t have an account at Aced I suggest you getting one today!  You even get 30% rakeback and a sick bonus up to $1k which is relatively easy to clear.  Check our Aced Poker Review for all the details.  See you there next week!

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