AGA President Frank Fahrenkopf Speaks on Future of US Online Gambling

According to Frank Fahrenkopf, president of the American Gaming Association (AGA), Representative Joe Barton, a Republican from Texas, will re-introduce a federal-level online poker bill this year.
Senator Harry Reid, a Democratic from Nevada, had tried to introduce a federal online poker bill last year, but it did not turn out to be a success. Reid has promised that he will make another attempt to pass the online poker bill this year. The US online poker gaming community, which had pinned its hope on Reid’s bill last year, hopes that the US federal government will legalize online gambling this year.
Fahrenkopf was voicing his opinion at the third annual iGaming North America Conference. Speaking about the future of US online gambling, he said that, now that the US online poker bill is dead, individual US states are mulling over the pros and cons of legalizing intrastate online gambling. In spite of these developments, Fahrenkopf feels that the best option for online gambling in the US is a proper federal-level regulatory framework.
He also pointed out intrastate online poker couldn’t become successful in several US states and that US states would try forming intrastate compacts to generate liquidity. He said that, although the US federal government doesn’t interfere with other industries, it would object to the formation of interstate gambling compacts.
Speaking about the benefits of a federal poker bill, he said that Indian gambling companies could agree to federal-level legalization although they had objected to Joe Barton’s bill a few years back.
When Sue Schneider, founder of, wanted to know the reasons for US backwardness in the online gambling sector, Fahrenkopf blamed it on “Puritanism.” He explained that several far-right Republicans feel that gambling is morally wrong because their religion says so, while those in the far left are unable to make decisions.