California Bill Delayed, No-One Surprised

Four Weeks just isn’t enough time to properly examine the proposal! Senator Darrell Steinberg (D – Sacramento) stated (centralised online poker website for California players is) “a legitimate idea for consideration.. .it should not be taken up in the last four weeks.”  They are worried that they may miss a proper overview of the “financial benefits, and potential risks” if they push this through too quickly, and so, as stated 4 weeks (the government year end is September 12) is just not enough time for this.  But wait…weren’t there rumours of this way back when the proverbial shit was hitting the fan and California was paying workers with IOU’s, and the state was essentially broke?  Didn’t someone say “hey, there’s all this money in Internet gambling”, why not tap it? hmm….i think i remember that….*ponder*

While there really isn’t much more news on the subject, it appears that Pechanga Band of Mission Indians has declared it’s opposition to legalizing online gambling. They have sighted a poll, commissioned through EMC research company, which showed that 61% of 802 randomly selected registered voters opposed legalising Internet poker, and only 36% in favour.  This is hilarious, because the Pechanga Band is a Major gaming tribe, that has brick and mortar casino’s that would potentially stand to lose money to the online gambling.  As far as I’m concerned this really shouldn’t affect their business, but when you’re looking at losing customers to people who never have to leave their house, I’m sure share-holders get nervous if you DON’T oppose a fast tracked legislation.  Even so…pretty ironic at the least!