Closes Its Doors to Players

Only recently, all the players who were members of the Cal Shark poker site were sent a notice of closure via email. The email intimated them of the immediate closure of the site. “We hope you have enjoyed the competition and state-of-the-art experience offered by, which has consistently provided players with the thrill of playing live poker on their personal computers…, was launched by the California Online Poker Association (COPA) and dedicated to providing players with the highest-quality play-for-free experience available online. Our goal was to seamlessly transition to live, real-money play after online poker was legalized in California.”

The reason behind the closure of the site is the dissolution of COPA itself. COPA otherwise known as the California Online Poker Association was shut down and as a result the poker room run by the organization was also shuttered.

The site provided plenty of poker game offerings to players for free and was hoping to upgrade its gaming platform to provide real money games. However, as and the California Online Poker Association were both waiting for the state to pass a bill allowing for the legalization of online poker in the region to issue real money poker games; now that the state has decided against it – the California Online Poker Association has chosen to dissolve taking the site with it. “Unfortunately, despite more than three years of effort, the State Legislature has not acted on Internet poker legislation and COPA has decided to dissolve. As a result, CalShark.Com will be closing immediately. COPA and the staff at deeply appreciate your support, and we hope you enjoyed your time on our site,” stated CalShark.

The closure of the CalShark site does not come as a surprise to the community as the dissolution of the California Online Poker Association was a herald of warning.