Casinos Facing Lawsuits Over Bad Beat Jackpot Terms

commerce-casinoThe old saying that the real power of gambling is placed in the hands of the house just doesn’t seem to be wanting to disappear from the gambling world but now there is a chance that this saying could be proved to be a myth, with fiery 2 card room gamblers from Los Angeles issuing law suits on no less than 5 county card rooms within the area.

The law suits are based around the Bad Beat Jackpots that the county card rooms have had to bring into their casinos in order to compete with the ever growing online gambling world.

Poker has always been legal in California but the government issues warnings to the card rooms within the state that their Bad Beat Jackpots were nothing other than illegal lotteries, with the aim been that the casino rewards players for losing.

The 2 card players were told that the only way that they would qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpots on offer at all 5 of the county card rooms is that they play their poker at tables that collect a minimum of $1 per hand, although the advertisements for the jackpots issues a ‘No purchase is required’ message.

Dennis Chae and Jeff Kim were told by staff at Bicycle Club, Commerce, Hustler, Hollywood Park and Hawaiian Gardens casinos that they would in fact have to offer up a minimum of $1 per hand that played for them to become eligable for the big money jackpot that was on offer at all 5 casinos.

With the casinos placing advertisements into the public that promoted their Bad Beat Jackpots as no purchase required but telling players that they have to offer up $1 in rake to the house is in breach of laws within advertising, been seen as false advertising.

It would be like me telling you that you have just won a place in the World Series of Poker Main Event but all you have to do is pay me $13,000 to claim it.

You haven’t by the way… Just wanted to make that clear.

With the law suit been filed May 1st 2009 at the Superior Court in Los Angeles, Chae and Kim are proving that they are serious with their case, claiming that the casinos were offering unfair gaming and fake advertising.

The casinos have been quick in making statements in regard to the law suit, with many of them ruling that the suit is a stunt that has very little chance of been won by the two players.

Haig Kelegian, managering general partner of Bicycle Casino, Bell Gardens said in his statement “If players at this casino ask, and very few do, they can play at the tables that don’t collect the $1 fees. They’re (Chae and Kim) are just trying to find a way to sue somebody. We have always had a no purchase necessary.”

With the law suit filed into the Superior Court, the casinos are starting to close rank, maintaining that their operations have always been within the legal boundaries that are set for gambling establishments.

Tym S.Macleod, lawyer to the plaintiffs said “This is not about trying to claim back gambling losses but about putting a stop to the deceptive advertising.”

With the suit now out in the public eye, other poker players are rallying the two poker players to succeed in their legal suit, claiming that the fees are unfair and are seen as a ‘tax’ that is taken from the players with every hand played.

The legal suit is still in process at the moment and it will be followed with alot of interest by casinos and players alike, with the result set to make a huge impact on the losing party.

If the casinos were to lose this suit, they would be faced to pay out millions in compensation to the two players who filed the suit. Should this happen, you can expect to see one of two things happen at your local card room, they will either change all advertising surrounding such promotions as the Bad Beat Jackpots or they will remove the Jackpots completely.

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