WPT Championship Final Table Decided

The final table for the WPT championship has been decided. Yesterday’s leader, Paul Lee, remains as the chip leader of the tournament with a massive $11,828,000 in chips.

Some of the notable eliminations included Phil Hellmuth leaving in 18th, taking home $123,670.  Hellmuth explained the hand in his blog, after beating Laing in a hand with pocket Qs…

The very next hand I picked up J-J, and made it $90,000 to go.  Thomas Walhrus made it $230,000 to go, and I called.  The flop was 8-6-2, and I checked.  Walroos bet out $300,000, and for the first time in five days, I moved all-in.  Imagine that!  In five days, not only was I never called all-in, I never even moved all-in!!!  Walroos insta-called, showed pocket aces, and I hit the door.  It was 100% my fault. Only 20 minutes earlier I had heard that Walrous was all-in with 9h-6h, on the turn, vs. a set of nines.  Walroos hit his flush to survive.  This influenced me.

Jimmy Tran took 10th position and won $185,645, Tommy Vu placed 9th for $216,585, Scott Fischman was eliminated in 8th receiving $247,525.  The last player to be eliminated to end the day was Thomas Wahlroos.  He went all in with AsTs after Mike Wattel raised 420K pre-flop and chip leader Paul Lee had simply just called behind.  Lee thought about it for a while, then called showing AdQs domainting Wahlroos.  The flop came Jh8s2s giving Wahlroos a spade out, but the remaining cards were both diamonds (2 and 5) which sent him packing to the rail.

Here are the official chip counts for tomorrow’s 5pm WPT Final Table at the Bellagio:

Seat 1. Kirk Morrison – 4,194,000
Seat 2. Guy Laliberte – 4,690,000
Seat 3. Carlos Mortensen – 6,501,000
Seat 4. Mike Wattel – 2,887,000
Seat 5. Paul Lee – 11,828,000
Seat 6. Tim Phan – 2,162,000

Will Paul Lee’s massive lead hold up for a victory or will he be taken down by Full Tilt Pro, Carlos Mortensen.  Stay tuned as we will provide an update on all the action tomorrow.

Paul Lee – Leads After 4 Days at the WPT Championship

Paul Lee, the winner of the $2,000 buy-in 2007 5th Annual Five Star World Poker Classic just a few weeks ago on April 8th, now currently leads the pack at the WPT Championship.  Lee took home over $206,000 just a few weeks ago and is currently in good position for another huge cash.

Yesterdays leader, Raymond Davis is now on the brink of elimination as he is second to last in chips.

Ultimate Bet‘s Star, Phil Hellmuth also took a massive hit in his stack and now sits in 19th place.  Hellmuth explains what he calls his personal “train wreck” in his blog.

Patrik Antonius was eliminated in 52nd place after entering the day very short in chips.  He made about $40K, which is equivelant to one of his raises on Full Tilt Poker.

So it is now down to the final day with 27 players remaining.  Here is the current leaderboard:

1st – Paul Lee – $3,601,000
2nd – Kirk Morrison – $2,980,000
3rd – Carlos Mortensen – $2,429,000 (Full Tilt Poker Pro)
4th – Sorel Mizzi – $2,256,000
5th – Thomas Wahlroos – $1,847,000

The payouts for the tournament winners are as follows:

1    $ 3,970,415
2    $ 2,011,135
3    $ 1,082,920
4    $ 696,220
5    $ 464,110
6    $ 309,405

Raymond Davis Leads WPT Championship After Day 3

Raymond DavisRaymond Davis (seen here from the Poker News Blog) is the current leader at the end of Day 3 of the 2007 WPT Championship.
Davis eliminated Barny Boatman, Eric Kesselman, Steve Wong and Chip Reese to build his stack up to $1,710,000 and take the lead at the Bellagio in Las Vegas today.

Some other notable eliminations included Anna Wroblewski (the recent winner of the 5-Star Bellagio World Poker Open) who went out in 70th place, Full Tilt Poker Pro Ram Vaswani was eliminated in 71st place, 2004 WPT 2nd place finished Humberto Brenes was eliminated in 62nd position, and the always entertaining Sammy Farha was eliminated in 83rd position.

The current leader board at the end of Day 3 stands as follows (unofficially):

Place Name                     Chip Count
1 Raymond Davis              1,710,000
2 Loi Phan                        1,440,000
3 Kirk Morrison                 1,282,000
4 Roland De Wolf              1,230,000
5 Thomas Wahlroos          1,225,000
6 Phil Hellmuth                  1,180,000
7 Grant Lang                    1,095,000
8 Carlos Mortensen           950,000
9 Tom Pniak                     750,000
10 Praz Bansi                   740,000

2007 WPT Championship – Roland De Wolf Leads The Pack

Roland De WolfDay 2 of the 2007 WPT Championship (Bellagio Five Star) has come to an end with Roland De Wolf as the current tournament leader. De Wolf managed to take the lead of the tournament after eliminating Juan Carlos (J.C.) Alvarado shortly before the day came to a close.
De Wolf finished 3rd in this same tournament last year and has accumulated over $3.1 Million in tournament winnings according to his PokerPages profile.

Some other notable events include Joe Hachem losing to pocket 2’s with his A6. Doyle Brunson was eliminated by David Singer. Gus Hansen was eliminated by John Myung when Myung hit a set of 3’s and Gus hit top pair (Queens) with an Ace kicker (Flop Q 4 3). Johnny Chan was busted on the last hand before the last break.

According to PokerNews.com, the unofficial chip counts at the end of Day 2 were as follows:

Place Name                 Chip Count
1 Roland De Wolf          505,000
2 Patrik Antonius          475,000
3 Steve Wong              473,000
4 Phil Hellmuth             466,000
5 James Lee                 459,000
6 Sammy Farha            398,000
7 Sorel Mizzi                390,000
8 Lee Markholt             370,000
9 Stan Fulton               369,000
10 Anna Wroblewski     356,000