Daniel Negreanu Finds Love on the Millionaire Matchmaker Show

Daniel Negreanu is a funny, all round straightforward and rather good looking millionaire who makes his money playing poker for a living. One would think that of all the people, Negreanu would have an easy time of finding love but it would seem that the player was not as lucky at love as he was at cards.

However, all this seems to have changed for Daniel Negreanu when he went on the reality TV program – the Millionaire Matchmaker. This was the first episode of the season’s programs and saw Daniel Negreanu make a real deal with a great lady. Negreanu was brought in to the show by Destin Pfaff’s match – needless to say, this naturally delighted Chief Operating Officer Patti Stanger.

Negreanu was described as “the real deal,” and as a “sweet guy who is self-deprecating, funny and listens and genuinely has a good heart.”

Destin Pfaff, the Executive Office Assistant of Patti Stanger – the Chief Operating Officer of the Millionaire’s Club commented on the new pair on the Bravo TV blog saying, “All the girls wanted him. Ultimately he chose wisely and picked Lindsay, the cutest and most genuine of the bunch. He took her out on a great date and they’re still seeing each other! It’s just a matter of time before they start dealing out little babies!”

Even Rachel Federoff, the Vice President of Matching, commented on the couple saying, “My thoughts on Daniel and Lindsay are laced in rainbows, cupcakes, and sunshine. Those two are a perfect match, and I wish them the best of luck!”


Daniel Negreanu, is a reputed poker professional and has been playing poker from the age of 15, the poker player is currently valued at a net worth of approximately $50 million and is also a well known philanthropist.