ESPN Launching Web Based Poker Magazine Show

In the run up to the 2009 WSOP final table, ESPN announced today that it will be rolling out a brand new, web only Magazine style show. 

The new webisodes (can it be called a series? a mini series?), titled ESPN Inside Deal will be giving fans a closer look at the lives of professional poker players, and will also show interviews and prep work for the final 9 players of the WSOP Main Event. 
A perk of this being web based is that viewers of ESPN Inside Deal will be able to submit questions via email, Twitter and Facebook. And of course there are the cursory online sweepstakes and prizes, and all you have to do is sign up and give your personal info to ESPN and bla bla bla (not a fan of giving out personal info…nothing against you ESPN!).  But seriously, it could be a fairly well rounded, comprehensive show if done correctly.  All the “viewer interaction” aside. An additional perk is that ESPN Inside Deal will be showing hands that aren’t broadcast from the Main Event.

The hosts are Laura Lane and Bernard Lee, and as expected a bevvy of previous bracelet winners and big guys in the poker world will be making appearances throughout the series run. 

It has yet to be seen if ESPN Inside Deal will be year round programming for ESPN, or if it will be more of an annual flavour, but either way i’m sure it will enhance the viewing of the final table, and offer interested parties a much more rounded view of the game (and hey, this way maybe ESPN wont forget 60% of the major stories in the poker world)!

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