FTP Dumps All Its Former Red Pros

Full Tilt Poker recently announced that it will no longer be sponsoring or supporting any of its former Red Pro poker team members. This news has come as a big disappointment to the online poker members of Red Pro who were informed of the site’s decision via email.

Dustin Iannotti, the Team Pro manager for Full Tilt Poker addressed an email to the former Red Pro members informing them of the withdrawal of support and sponsorship.“The “Red Pro” team is not being continued by the Rational Group and a new team has been launched under the name of “The Professionals”. Unfortunately, we do not have any immediate plans to expand the Full Tilt Pro team at this time. We do not rule this out as a possibility in the future, and because of that, we will keep your contact on file should that plan change at any point,” his email read.

It must be noted that once Full Tilt Poker was purchased by PokerStars, the agreement did not metion support for the Team of Red Pros. That the site is dropping them also shows that a smart business move, but also confirms that Full Tilt may not have all that much of funds at its disposal.

Later, Iannotti also mention in his email, “Other than the non-US player balances, The Rational Group did not assume any liabilities of the previous Full Tilt Poker companies and therefore previous contractual agreements that Full Tilt Poker may have had including with FTP Red Pros were excluded. As such, The Rational Group is not liable and will not pay for any amounts which may have been due to you under your agreement with any former Full Tilt Poker company.”