Full Tilt Poker Ready To Cash Out Now That The Site Is Open?

Full Tilt Poker is open and running and poker players are flocking to its portals. However, much of the returning player traffic are ex-players of the Full Tilt Poker site with plenty of money locked into their accounts. These players face the question of to cash out or not.

Some players who are disappointed in the site and who have moved on to other things may opt for this option while others choose to keep their money in their accounts now that PokerStars is backing them. Some of the players commented in regards to the Full Tilt Poker site.

The TwoPlusTwo forum was active with comments about the Full Tilt Poker site. One member posted, “Omg… After playing on IPoker lately the FTP software is looking lightning fast and silky smooth… It’s like heaven : )” Yet another stated, “Feels like the population so far is 90% regs that found their money, now we await the commercials to do their trick and lure back the value”

Some players like Phil Galfond approve of the relaunch and have decided not to cash out. “My understanding is that as a US player, my balance won’t be waiting for me when FTP launches. If it were waiting, I’d absolutely play with it, for the same reasons I play every day on Pokerstars. I trust the people behind it and the safety of my money, and the software and games will be great. Why wouldn’t I play?” he said.

However, others prefer to be more cautious and according to Timothy Adams: “I had quite a lot on FTP and plan on keeping the majority of my money on the site. PokerStars has had basically an unblemished record in my eyes, and I feel quite secure with them in control of the new FTP.”

Now that the site is up, it remains to be seen what players will do; however, judging from the response, it would appear most are happy that Full Tilt Poker is back.