G4 2 Months for 2 Million Huge Setback (and not just in the money…)!!

“Maybe the house war is becoming a bit of a distraction and we’re not playing real poker.” – Rosenkrantz

This sums up my feeling on this entire show perfectly.  A house war? A rival house? A “GRIDIRON CHALLENGE!” ohhh…so frightening!  Such exciting TV! But a poker show?  Okay…..

Listen, G4, i get it.  You want to attract dudes who aren’t necessarily into poker, to GET into poker and watch your show.  Here is the thing you’re missing, poker guys want to watch poker.  Not the random stuff they get up to “spice up the show.”  Making the show “spicy” would be some sweet back massages from hot chicks.  Or, having guest appearances for a day by Hellmuth or Negreanu, or any other other “Big” names, and have them comment on the game.  Poker players want to see that shit.  They want to see sick hands, or sick calls, or amazing bluffs.  They dont want to see people playing basketball saying “hey, dude..you know what would be cool?  House war. totally.”  Sorry, i changed the channel at “hey dude…”  because that’s what i do with my friends, and i’d rather be doing it than watching someone do it.  And here is the thing, Non-poker guys could care even less about all that shit, because the poker for them isn’t even the saving grace of the show.

Ahem…girls taking off their panties is great, but make them walk around the house while the guys are playing poker and give them massages.  I’m just saying. 

Now on to the poker..

They have lost 84,200 this week.  That’s a lot. 

Here is how the week looks:

Roberts          Down        $4,000
Stern             Down        $33,000
Rosenkrantz    Down        $80,000
Patel              Up            $32,800

Overall total of $114,400 in earnings.

I could go into the matches, but really, i found them kind of boring.  I wish they would start focusing on their goal instead of worrying about the “challenges” and all that other stuff.  They are obviously not taking the game seriously, or don’t really have a good handle on what they need to do to accomplish their goal.  They have a month and 1 week left to make 1,876,000 bucks…and with they way they’re playing, they’ll be lucky to stay in the black (except for Patel…)