Hello all,

My name’s Mark, or online “DrTyore” (it’s phonetic). Anyways, I’ve been asked to contribute what bits of information or my own point of view on the world of this (sometimes) wonderful game of poker.

A bit about me… I’m a 31 year old man, who works with “at-risk” youth in the tri-city area. I graduated from University with an honors BA in Psychology, and consider myself a better-than-average recreational poker player. I have been playing poker “seriously” for four years now. By “serious”, I mean I have been playing, learning, studying, and tracking my game.

I play both online and live, my live games usually consisting of low-limit local tourneys and cash games. I try to get out to casinos when I can, but being that I work in social services makes that hard. I play online at Pokerstars, and Full Tilt Poker, but have also played at a few others, that I will switch back and forth on (Party Poker, Titan, etc.).  Again, I mostly play low limits, but I do play a mix of single and multi table tourneys, as well as cash games.

The point of my contributions will be, well, whatever I feel like writing about, but I can see myself mostly discussing current events, maybe the occasional player or event profile, but mostly, I think I’ll be focusing on strategy, again, from my point of view.  Now, you may be asking yourself “who the hell does this guy think he is, and what can he tell me that I can’t pick up somewhere else”.  Well, the answer to that’s easy, I’m nobody special, and I won’t be breaking revolutionary ground here.  What I do hope however is to provide a different perspective, and maybe point you somewhere that may be helpful.

I hope that I`ll have more fun writing these than you will reading them, mostly because I’m selfish like that, but I hope they won’t completely suck for you guys either!

Until next time,