Hung-sheng Wins 2011 Macau Millions Title

Hung-sheng Lin from China was recently declared the winner of the 2011 Macau Millions and took home a large prize amount of HK$400,000.

The Macau Millions poker competition bears a very different structure to normal poker tourneys, in which the players were required to compete in seven events, with a probability of receiving rewards for every event. Every day, the players had to play up to the top 7% of the field and each of them was promised a HK $8000 on pay day and a day 2 seat.

In this tournament, all of six players managed to make money more than once and even so, many of them thought that the structure of the game was very lucrative.

The Macau Million 2011 was a very successful poker tournament and had a turn out 1329 players. So far, in the history of poker tournaments in Asia, this is one of the biggest live poker tournaments that have taken place. The event saw a handful of well-known poker players on the field apart from the resident players, namely, Bryan Huang, Celina Lin, 2010 WSOP Champion Jonathan Duhamel and Raymond Wu.

On Day 2 of the tournament, a total of 93 players qualified and the number came down to 34 on the last day wherein, Hung-sheng Lin dominated the table as he was the chip leader. This gave him an edge over anybody else and led him to win the pot.

On the final day, the most fascinating turning point happened at the three handed play, when subsequent to the commencement of the pot by Huy Khiem from Germany, Lin made a three bet pre-flop having A-6. The former took the call and the series was A-3-T and a wager of 850,000 was made by Lin for the same. Nguyen decided to go all in and had a T-7 but Lin inevitably had the best cards and definitely had the edge over Renaud.