Luigi66369 cracks Urindanger for 80k

Patrik Antonius (luigi66369) came from behind in a huge pot to crack Urindanger on Full Tilt tonight.  Here is how the pot went down with the final screenshot.

Dealer: Urindanger raises to $1,400
Dealer: Luigi66369 calls $1,200
Dealer: Son-in-Law calls $1,000
Dealer: The flop is [Kd Jd 6c]
Dealer: Luigi66369 checks
Dealer: Son-in-Law checks
Dealer: Urindanger bets $3,200
Dealer: Luigi66369 calls $3,200
Dealer: Son-in-Law folds
Dealer: The turn is [4h]
Dealer: Luigi66369 checks
Dealer: Urindanger bets $8,999
Dealer: Luigi66369 has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Luigi66369 calls $8,999
Dealer: The river is [2d]
Dealer: Luigi66369 bets $28,400
Dealer: Urindanger has 15 seconds left to act
Dealer: Urindanger calls $25,601, and is all in
Dealer: Uncalled bet of $2,799 returned to Luigi66369
Dealer: Luigi66369 shows a flush, Ace high
Dealer: Urindanger mucks
Dealer: Luigi66369 wins the pot ($79,798) with a flush, Ace high
Dealer: Urindanger is sitting out

luigi66369 and urindanger

Also at the table was Son-in-Law another resident High Roller on Full Tilt Poker.

5 thoughts on “Luigi66369 cracks Urindanger for 80k”

  1. And this guy is a pro right? I’m sorry but I’m really not seeing how this is a good play. First of he smooth calls a raise preflop with a dominated ace. Granted its a button raise and granted he’s probably not the player to marry an Axx flop.

    He then hits the flop arguably exactly as he would wish and check calls a pot bet? I’m suprised he doesn’t raise on the semi-bluff here but I can understand a pot call here if you’d rather have a made hand before pumping the pot. However on the turn urindanger bets near enough pot again. I make it at $9000 to call with around $19,500 in the pot. Luigi surely has to consider that the three remaining aces are no good (as his opponent represents KK,JJ,AK,AJ,KJ, etc thereby leaving him the 4.2:1 flush draw. If we assume Luigi wants to make a little profit from the hand he’ll probably be wanting to see a 4.5:1 return on his investment with that draw meaning he needs 9k*4.5 = $40,500 from the pot and it’s currently offering him $19,500 meaning he has to make up a whopping $21k on the river to achieve his implied calculations and profit from the hand.

    Give this is a button raiser he could have a pretty wide range of hands and with two pot c-bets you have to think he has something but can you REALLY be sure he’s got enough to call a $21-28k bet stuffed down his throat if the flush comes? Seems questionable to me but then perhaps this is why I don’t sit with circa $500,000 on FT ;o)

    Do you have any idea of what Urindanger had or any insight into Luigi’s thought processes here. He must have know his man REALLY well to know he had the implied odds or alternatively he was just gambling?!

  2. Great comment Kenny!

    Antonius had roughly 3 times as many chips as Urindanger… I suspect he thought he had good value to call as a 9k raise and probably knew he was dominated. For him, I guess he thought if he did hit on the 9k bet, he would get Urindanger all in (as happened) making him an additional 25k. You see a lot of crazy things on these tables and I am sure these two play together a lot, maybe he thought Urindanger was trying to buy it… I guess we will never know.

  3. Your post is self-contradictory Kenny. First you assume that Urindanger´s range is very tight, “KK,JJ,AK,AJ,KJ, etc”, and then you go ahead assuming his range is fairly large “give this is a button raiser he could have a pretty wide range”. Don´t change your read just whenever it´s convinient for you to do so for your calculations.
    It turns out he did get a good implied odds price since his shove was called. Also, it´s not always only about the immediate math behind the plays, but about the psychology in tghe game. “Your not pushing me around when I have some sort of a hand, biatch” is the message Patrick is sending. And that will pay off in many hands in the future that don´t come into any EV equations of this particular hand.

  4. I agree with Johnny, somewhat. It’s true, his implied odds are low since the button will either a) figure he has a flush or b) not have enough of a hand (or both) most of the time. However, he’s preventing future bluffs with K or Q high on the turn when he knows he can’t push Antonius off an A high flush draw.

  5. basically he got lucky. state all you want about your odds and BS like that but he was calling on a prayer and it got answered. he simply played the hand like a donkey and got rewarded as do many “pros” on full tilt do. no way did he think ace high or even if he paired his ace could it be good. he chased and got there , bottom line. if you dont agree and think he was a genius or not going to be pushed around like a “biatch” as stated by johnny boy, then he has to be a hero in your mind and your ridiculous in your thinking. HE CHASED LIKE MOST PPL WOULD INCLUDING ME IF I HAD HIS MONEY. NH LUIGI!!!

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