Macau High Stakes Tables Make Dwan Richer By Millions

The APT, which was held in Macau, widely acclaimed to be the Mecca of Chinese gambling, attracted innumerable poker pros from all over the world, as a result of which the action at the high stakes tables was some of the best. Throughout the week, high stakes games were played all over Macau, eclipsing even the APT, which had actually drawn these talented professional players to Macau.

The high-stakes tables of Macau witnessed some of the widely acclaimed poker stars playing against wealthy Chinese businessmen for pots worth millions of dollars. The action was so intense that it drew the attention of poker forum posters and poker bloggers all over the world. Eventually, the news that was pouring in from the high-stakes tables was censored by the casinos and players involved so that poker news sites received only accounts of hands and pot sizes sans names. But before this could happen, several poker sites got the news that Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan were the highlights of the poker tables thanks to the posts of Tournament Director Matt Savage.

According to Savage, Dwan, John Juanda, Ivey, Chau Giang, and extremely rich Chinese businessman played for a pot containing more than $40 million. He believes that both Ivey and Dwan emerged as the winners, but is not very sure about his statements. Although recent reports say that the high stakes action has cooled down considerably, Savage believes that the high stakes games will begin against within a week, but does not know the names of the participants.

Reportedly, Tom Dwan added a cool $6.5 million to his bankroll in a heads up match. This, added to the profits he is believed to have raked in at other tables, makes a total of $8 or $9 million won on his trip to Macau.