Michael Phelps Participating in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

The famous PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is underway and is currently taking place at the Bahamas. A large number of poker professionals and poker celebs are participating in the event and railbirds can expect a lot of great action.

One of the most interesting poker celebrity players is Michael Phelps, the Olympic champion with 18 gold medals. Michael Phelps is participating in the vent and has got a decent chip stack of 19k. He also managed to oust poker professional Dylan Hortin from the game and is continuing on to the main event. There were a total of 320 players on the first day and this rather than dwindling down to a lesser number of contenders, increased a whopping playing field of 649 players by the second day.

Other poker professionals that he will have to go up againt are Jason Alexander, Dylan Hortin, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Phil Ivey, Olivier Busquet, Ashton Griffin, Steve O’Dwyer, Jake Cody, Matt Waxman, Nacho Barbero, Greg Merson and Phil Hellmuth. It remains to be seen if Michael Phelps will come in to a cash in at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

For railbirds who are following Phelps the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure must note that Michael Phelps is almost unrecognizable and is wearing a sort of biker look. According to USA Today, Phelps’ wardrobe seems to be a sort of mixed and matched look. “Phelps has the back-skewed hat of Justin Bieber, the hipster spectacles of an NBA player who’s trying too hard, the goatee of a guy in a bar who propositions your wife while you’re in the bathroom and a jacket…well, the jacket looks fine. Is that Under Armour?”

There is also much being said that Phelps’ attire should go on “What Not To Wear”.