Pappas Discusses FTP Player Repayment Possibilities With The DOJ

John Pappas, the Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance or the PPA, met with the Department of Justice and discussed the plans of repaying the poker players who still had their funds tied up with Full Tilt Poker. It has been 19 months and Pappas is well aware that player patience will only run so deep, especially when dealing with their own funds. However, some players are happy to keep their funds in their Full Tilt Poker accounts and continue to play.

Pappas stated that the “completion of a refund claims process is a long way away.”

“Unfortunately, completion of a refund claims process is a long way away. The first step in this process will be the Department’s hiring of a third-party claims administrator, after a bidding process: there is no current date certain for that selection to occur. But it was evident that even when a claims administrator is hired, forfeiture and remission procedures require that a substantial administrative process be adhered to before players begin seeing their funds,’ he added.

“We laid out compelling legal and practical arguments why full repayment was the only equitable solution. We also raised the issue of ‘player point’ balances and encouraged the DOJ to recognize the inherent value of these points when they consider what a player is owed. Our thoughts on these matters were well received; however, it was clear from our discussion that no decisions have been made regarding the manner of repayment of player balances…We fully expect to keep a continued and open dialogue with the [DOJ] and we will continue to update you as more information becomes available,” Pappas explained.

The poker player community will now have to wait for a response from the Full Tilt Poker site and the DOJ to see when they can get paid.