Players Cheating To Win Pokerstars Million Milestones

Well, it is tough to actually call it cheating, but many players have started to work together to win the milestone hands that are part of Pokerstars’ 25 Billionth Hand Celebration.  Today I witnessed 2 players doing this and this led to them both winning a combined total of over $3000!!!!!

The players I witnessed doing this were using screen names GreenEyes017 and natisfinest.and were working together on roughly 22 heads-up NL Holdem tables.  The players were both from a city called West Chester as seen here on one of their many tables:
What they would do is open the 20+ tables and sit out until it got near to the milestone hand.  When it was close they would play on all tables and just keep folding the blinds each time.  Their plan actually ended up working on hand # 24,928,000,000 on a table called verbiest.  Since natisfinest was at supernova level and GreenEyes017 was only a Platinum star, when it came time to play the milestone hand GreenEyes017 folded it over to Natisfinest because he had a higher bonus multiplier.  Natisfinest earned $2750 and GreenEyes017 received $800 for their scam.  Of course after the milestone had hit, they both sat out.  Here is a screenshot of the table afterward:


To participate in the 25 Billionth hand celebrations, visit Pokerstars.com


UPDATE: Shortly after making this post Pokerstars stepped in and suspended ALL HEADS-UP CASH GAMES until after the promo is complete!  Nice work Pokerstars for stepping in so quickly with this issue!!!  See here:


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