Players Cheating To Win Pokerstars Million Milestones

Well, it is tough to actually call it cheating, but many players have started to work together to win the milestone hands that are part of Pokerstars’ 25 Billionth Hand Celebration.  Today I witnessed 2 players doing this and this led to them both winning a combined total of over $3000!!!!!

The players I witnessed doing this were using screen names GreenEyes017 and natisfinest.and were working together on roughly 22 heads-up NL Holdem tables.  The players were both from a city called West Chester as seen here on one of their many tables:
What they would do is open the 20+ tables and sit out until it got near to the milestone hand.  When it was close they would play on all tables and just keep folding the blinds each time.  Their plan actually ended up working on hand # 24,928,000,000 on a table called verbiest.  Since natisfinest was at supernova level and GreenEyes017 was only a Platinum star, when it came time to play the milestone hand GreenEyes017 folded it over to Natisfinest because he had a higher bonus multiplier.  Natisfinest earned $2750 and GreenEyes017 received $800 for their scam.  Of course after the milestone had hit, they both sat out.  Here is a screenshot of the table afterward:


To participate in the 25 Billionth hand celebrations, visit


UPDATE: Shortly after making this post Pokerstars stepped in and suspended ALL HEADS-UP CASH GAMES until after the promo is complete!  Nice work Pokerstars for stepping in so quickly with this issue!!!  See here:


11 thoughts on “Players Cheating To Win Pokerstars Million Milestones”

  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way I guess? I agree it was a great call on PokerStars’ part by removing the heads-up tables until the promo was over.

    Maybe these were Russ Hamiltons grandchildren? 😉

    Great promo by the way PokerStars!

  2. I guess it’s sort of a weasel move, but I wouldn’t think it would show any results, the odds are still greatly against them. If you are any good, you might as well just multitable a ton of games for real and you’ll still have a better shot than most people.

  3. odds were actually about 1:15 to hit, then a gaurentee win of the hand once it hit ur table vs 1:9 to win or 1:6.

  4. Well its good comment about the cheaters and i think they wont talk or do hereafter. The tournament specialist have appointed some members to spy the cheaters.

  5. Pokerstars is the biggest scam.
    I opened my account, and began playing real money, i put 100 us dollars in the account and made over 300 dollars. I didn’t know anyone who played at pokerstars, and it happens that when i requested a cashout they told me that i was involved in chip dumping, ARE U KIDDING ME???, they asked me for an id and a few other things, so i was hoping that it was just a misunderstanding and sent everything they needed. After a few weeks the sent me an e-mail telling me that my account was cancelled and that the decision was final. I tried getting in contact but they just decided to ignore my e-mails.
    If somebody knows what i can do, please help me.

  6. i’ve played against natisfinest many times at .25/.50NL. i have to say, even though it is cheating, i can’t blame the guys.

  7. Pokerstars is a pure blatant ripoff scam. Oh how the program changes if for ex. you win a couple hundred. You will then and all of a sudden recieve a barrage of high hands that if you hang on to will virtually all become unbelievably 2nd best, Time after time. Until you are taken down.And beware when you request cashout.Oh they may say it has been sent until you are taken down and then they offer your cashout that has been sent back to you. Don’t bite.Run. You will be placed on pre-prgrammed loser list w/o a chance. they are a discrase to online gaming. I have tested them on 3 seperate occassions all with same result. Tell all who might be considering these cheatin scammer. greg

  8. Do you guys really think someone can cheat these poker sites? These two users are probably “shills” who work for Pokerstars. Even if they are real players, expect Pokerstars to freeze their accounts on the terms of cheating/collusion or whatever and not pay out a single penny. If they can do it to innocent folks they can surely do it here. Online poker is a SCAM! Rigged and corrupted and criminally controlled. Why u think its banned by the government? It’s NOT based on odds, skill or luck but rather BOOMSWITCH and DOOMSWITCH to take your money. Stay away. To the guy that won $300 and his account got cancel, I was in a similar situation. I turned a $50 free instant bankroll into $10670 in 4hrs by repeatedly doubling/tripling up then immediately changing to higher tables and all-in again. Once I got to over 10K I stop and multi-tabled the micros to get the points needed to cashout. When I tried to cashout a few days later, they refuse to pay and lock my account. They sent me an e-mail saying I violated the term of usage and everything was final. They robbed me of almost 11 thousand dollars that I rightfully won and there’s nothing I can do about it. ABSOLUTELY Nothing!. Warn everyone you know to stay away from online poker. It’s all a big scam. If you must play online then I suggest you go with PartyPoker as they seem to be the least dishonest of the bunch.

  9. Cheating has happened on other popular sites as well such as fulltilt which was documented on 60 minutes. Because you are playing on a program it’s very easy for the website to control how the cards fall by configuring the program’s codes which dictates the cards the computer deals. Pokerstars has a larger network of players that know each other and many of them play at the same location such as an apartment or house, so it wouldn’t take rocket scientists to cheat if they were at the same table online. I wouldn’t trust any online gambling website especially poker ones and if they cheated once they can and will cheat again even the people who run these sites.

  10. There is no doubt that Pokerstars is a scam. Their results are rigged. I don’t know how they benefit from this, but if you play there long enough, you will agree. They control who wins. They claim to have proven their software, but they do nothing of the kind. Their coverup is another scam.

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