Poker Players Request Poker Clock To Stop Excessive Tanking

Excessive tanking is becoming a matter of concern at the poker tables in poker tournaments and some players have always had a problem with this matter. Recently, this was brought into focus by the excessive tanking used by Jesse Sylvia at 2012 Main Event, which saw several periods of long inactivity.

Negreanu is not a supporter of extended periods of inactivity at the poker tables and is suggesting a poker clock to time players at the tourneys so that they do not take excessive amounts of time to make a play. “It’s within our rights as players to police the game…If I’m at the table with players that are tanking, I have the right to call the clock on them anytime I feel that they are taking an unreasonable amount of time,” he said.

Jesse Sylvia is not the only poker player who is known for his excessive tanking but this time his display at the 2012 Main Event was too much to ignore. If a poker clock is introduced  then Jesse Sylvia will be the one behind it all.

Negreanu has brought this situation as an illustration about Jesse Sylvia when he commented on Twitter: “If there was any doubt about the need for a clock in poker this is exhibit A. This is painstakingly tilting for casual viewers…”

Even Doyle Brunson, the poker legend shares this opinion as Daniel Negreanu; Brunson wrote a post in his blog stating, “At least we agree that something has to be done about the slow play in the poker tournaments. It makes almost unwatchable TV and is very boring. A shot clock is the answer and the only question is how long can a player wait before he acts? I think one minute is plenty of time. We had a tourney in Lake Tahoe that had a 20 second clock and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a tournament.”