Poker Pro Phil Ivey Throws a “Crappy” Tantrum at the Las Vegas Wynn

The Two Plus Two Poker Forum has a lot to say about poker pro Phil Ivey this week and none of it involves poker. According to reports on the form, Ivey apparently threw quite the tantrum at the craps table at the Las Vegas Wynn casino. He also threatened to never return to the casino and walked off.

Several posters at the Two Plus Two Poker Forum have commented on the issue and many players have claimed seeing him play there. For instance, a poster ‘Check Check Lay’ claims to have spotted Phil Ivey at a craps table in the casino. The poster also reported that Ivey and the floor supervisor the got into a heated altercation over a craps ruling that over just would not agree to.
Check Check Lay reports: “Apparently, the dice rested on the back wall and was called against Ivey. He proceded to yell that hes been playing dice for a long time and has never seen anything that ridiculous. He drops a few F Bombs and strengthens his argument by saying he will never play there ever again. He closes by looking at the supervisor and says “If you see me playing dice here again I’ll Suck your D$@K” then points to another supervisor and says “Your’s too”.

Although, not everyone believes that Ivey would say something like this over a craps ruling, other posters claim to have seen Iveyas well. Josecuervos stated that “it was around 11:00, he (Ivey) was wearing dark sweatpants, black jacket and black designer sneakers.”

Adam W, yet another poster at the forum was also at the venue and stated that he had seen the incident. “I got to play with him for about an hour and we had a huge roll netting him over 3 mill plus!! He was drunk and cool and having a blast high fiving me and others,” he said.

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  1. Such a sick ruling on the side of wynn….

    For a man that throws 250k throws to treat him this way is out of line. This will only hurt their venue in the longrun.


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