Pokerstars 25th Billion Hand Celebrations

Right now Pokerstars is counting down to their 25th BILLION hand dealt in a cash game on their site. Ever since yesterday around 1pm they have been handing out cash to players in million-milestone hands which happen every 15 minutes or so. Here is how it works from their website:


Milestone Hands will be announced on the table with a pop-up message, before play is paused to ramp up the excitement. A host will then arrive at the table to explain exactly what’s happening. Players involved in every millionth hand dealt during the 25 Billion Bash will win the following:
Limit /  Winner / The Rest
Micro / $300 / $125
Low / $750 / $250
Medium / $1,250 / $500
High / $2,500 / $1,000

There will also be a VIP multiplier, with bonuses for the following VIP tiers:
VIP Tier / Multiplier
SilverStar / 15% Bonus
GoldStar / 30% Bonus
PlatinumStar / 60% Bonus
Supernova / 120% Bonus
Supernova Elite / 200% Bonus

For example, if you are dealt into a Milestone Hand on a Medium stakes table and win the hand, you’d receive $1,250. If you are also a Goldstar VIP, you’d receive an additional $375 (30% Bonus).

Here is what happens after one of the hands I witnessed yesterday:


Oh ya, and if you are in the 25th Billion Hand… you are gonna win some nice stuff.  Here is what the winner of that hand will get:

  • $100,000 in cash
  • European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Grand Final package
  • PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package
  • World Series of Poker* package
  • World Championship of Online Poker Main Event ticket

In addition to the milestone hands, Pokerstars is also upping the Sunday Millions tournament to $2.5 Million and the Sunday Warm-up to $1.25 Million along with some great reload bonuses.  So, if you aren’t playing at Pokerstars now, this is definitely one of the best times to check them out!  (Use pokerstars marketing code BRB500 for $50 FREE on your first deposit!)

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  1. Even the biggest live card room in the world, dealing cards, would take over 300 years to reach 25 billion hands! History will be made the moment PokerStars deals its 25 billionth hand, and they have got the prize to match the occasion.

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