PokerStars Launches Zoom Poker Tournaments

PokerStars, which had been offering Zoom Poker in the cash game form so far, will offer it in the tournament format too from 2013. The largest online poker room in the world hardly advertised it; instead, it quietly added Zoom Poker tournaments into its tournament lobby on Dec 31. Currently, Zoom Poker tournaments are available in the Beta form while the online poker room identifies bugs if any and fixes them.

Interested poker players can play Zoom Poker tournaments only at the micro stakes level at present. They are available for $1, Euro 1, and $1.35 and are run every two hours. The online poker room is testing a wide range of formats, including PL Omaha, NL Hold’em, turbo, short-handed tournaments, and knockout tournaments. A maximum of 5000 players can take part in each Zoom Poker tournament.

PokerStars introduced Zoom Poker in March 2012. It is a clone of the highly popular Rush Poker, which was being offered at Full Tilt Poker before the federal government cracked down on it. Also referred to as fast fold poker, it is a high-speed variant of standard online poker, in which players are assigned fresh tables and fresh hands as soon as they fold, totally eliminating the need to wait around for tables and increasing the game speed considerably. Players can even fold out of turn and head over to another table, but their opponents will not know that they have folded till it is their turn to act.

When PokerStars launched Zoom Poker last year, stated that a quarter of PokerStars’ cash game players were playing Zoom Poker a few days after the variant was launched. Since Zoom Poker hand move thrice as fast as standard poker hands, around half the hands played at PokerStars turn out to be Zoom Poker hands.