Software Update Imminent?

This appears to be all but confirmed, with many industry regulars as well as players and insiders posting on PocketFives and 2+2 about upcoming changes.  This is firmly in the category of not-yet-confirmed-rumor-but-maybe-you’ll-have-an-update-balloon-next-time-you-fire-up-your-Pokerstars-account.

What are they updating exactly??  Well, to stay competitive (and by that i mean, not let the other heavy hitter Full-Tilt get the upper hand), they are introducing a syncronised break schedule. 
This style of enforced break period has been well received at Full-tilt (so say insiders, players, industry watchers and talking poker heads) and will help streamline game play across all tournaments in play.  It seems that PokerStars breaks will take place at 55 minutes past every hour. In the case of rebuy tournaments, there will be an extra short break at the end of the rebuy period to allow for add-ons to be made.

This is likely to get phased in over the next few weeks, with only a few clearly marked tourneys adhering to the break schedule, and with more being added as people get use to it. 

Other upgrades and tweaks may include some much less shiny improvements to registration information (oohh) and the extension of the private game privilege to lower stakes players. 

They are also Bata-testing a multi-currency facility that is expected to include Euros, but don’t expect that in the super near future….Bata-testing isn’t for the faint of heart…especially when playing poker!

Are you excited for these upgrades?? Does it make you want to switch to pokerstars?


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