Tennis Star Nadal Wins €152 in PokerStars Tournament

Some people just cannot help winning because it is natural for them to win, and one of these natural winners is Rafa Nadal, the legendary tennis player, who made headlines when he was learning how to bluff effectively while playing poker. One might have thought that Rafa Nadal might not win his first poker tournament, but he proved again to the world that he is a natural winner by winning the first PokerStars poker tournament he took part in.

The tournament was a €10 Freezeout event, which was run on Nadal had to defeat a field of 47 poker players to emerge as the last man standing and it took him slightly more than 2 hours to become the champion and win a prize of €152.40.

The richest tennis star in the world winning a small prize of €152 is not a big deal, but this was Nadal’s first poker tournament and it is not the prize that is of any significance, it is his achievement and his ability to deal with the competition and win.

Last summer, Nadal had become a member of Team PokerStars. He could afford to do so because an injury prevented him from playing tennis that season. While working on making his leg fit enough for another season of tennis, Nadal decided to focus on his poker game. He was with Team PokerStars for around 7 months, as his leg healed, and during this time, Nadal spent long hours perfecting his strategies of bluffing. He even put in an excellent performance at the ESCOOP festival in Spain. Although Nadal played a lot of poker all these days, he did not win anything, which is why his latest win is something very important for the tennis star. He successfully reached the final table and defeated the other five finalists at the table.