The last 2 months 2 million review – I’m DONE!

Unless this show seriously turns around, or it looks like they’re actually going to make it to 1,000,000 in 2 months, i probably wont be watching this show again. 

This week focused mostly on shopping for crazy expensive shoes and other “toys” (test driving convertibles?), and some pretty inconsistent play on most fronts.   There was also a $2000 heads up game between Krantz and Erica Schoenberg, where Krantz kept talking about not being sure if he would win, but it didn’t matter because it was poker with a hot girl.  Right.  I know if I’m playing poker, winning is not important, but playing with attractive people is.  *sigh*  This show just seems to keep missing.  Although i must admin, there seems to be a bit more focus on the poker, it’s still peppered with crazy stuff, that if you were seriously trying to make 2 million in 2 months, you probably wouldn’t do. 

I personally think that these guys were asked “how much money do you think you could make in a month?” and they said “i dunno…2 mill maybe?” and so some exec decided to make it 2 million in 2 months, and have them waste their first month being unfocused and undisciplined, and then in a stunning reveal, (with most of the 2,000,000 needed to hit the goal!) they turn it around and make 2,163,100! 

How it looks up until now, and Hey, at least everyone is in the green this week!

Emil Patel                     +$27,200
Brian Roberts                +$9,500
Dani Stern                    +$11,000
Jay Rosenkrantz            +$1,000

Total to date:               +$163,100

Money Needed:             $1,836,900