Trial Begins for Berlin EPT Robbers

In March, four men raided the European Poker Tour event in Berlin. Wielding machetes and causing general chaos, the men managed to escape with about 240 million Euros. Within days, the Berlin police were able to apprehend at least two of the men, and now all four have been brought to trial. The men could face as up to fifteen years in prison, depending upon a number of factors. Three of the men are 20 or younger and could be tried as juveniles, which would greatly reduce their sentences. The fourth is 21, and cannot be tried as a juvenile. Currently, there is no official decision regarding the other three participants, so it is unclear what kind of sentences they could face.

There were two other men involved who are said to have masterminded the plot. According to the evidence heard in court, the original plan was to steal the money from the guards at the end of the day, but one of the leaders, a 31-year-old man told them to change the plan and rob the game earlier. The other leader is reported to be the uncle of one of the young men. According to reports, after the robbery, each of the four robbers was given 40K Euros, but the police have only recovered 4,000 Euros since the robbery. None of the men have admitted to knowing where the money is stashed.

Parts of the robbery were caught on security camera while other parts were recorded by professional and amateur videographers and photographers who had come to watch and record the game. From the available footage and from witness reports, it appears that the crew had initially taken more money, but a security guard managed to impede their progress, forcing them to drop much of the money and stuff the rest into their clothes and a carry bag. It will be interesting to find out what other facts come to light as the trial goes on.

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