Ultimate Bet – NioNio Confirmed Cheating

Back in March we reported that Ultimate Bet had confirmed that a player by the name of NioNio was doing nothing wrong.  Well, last week they changed their minds, and now found that this account had an unfair advantage and was cheating many players on Ultimate Bet at the highest stakes.

Ultimate bet released a press release (visible on their site here) stating that NioNio was using unauthorized software code that allowed [them] to obtain hole card information during live play.

This isn’t the first time such an incident has happened on the network owned by Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG (the parent company of Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker).  Last year an insider from the company used a superuser account called potripper to win over $7 Million from players on Absolute Poker.

According to Ultimate Bet, “Customers affected by this incident [have been] identified”.  Many of these high stakes players have also reported that they have started to receive refunds for all monies lost due to this unfair play on various poker forums.

For now, players are cautioned to stay away from these sites until they get their act together and we will be  updating our reviews of these sites to include a disclaimer about these incidents.

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