Ultimate Bet – NioNio Confirmed Cheating

Back in March we reported that Ultimate Bet had confirmed that a player by the name of NioNio was doing nothing wrong.  Well, last week they changed their minds, and now found that this account had an unfair advantage and was cheating many players on Ultimate Bet at the highest stakes.

Ultimate bet released a press release (visible on their site here) stating that NioNio was using unauthorized software code that allowed [them] to obtain hole card information during live play.

This isn’t the first time such an incident has happened on the network owned by Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG (the parent company of Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker).  Last year an insider from the company used a superuser account called potripper to win over $7 Million from players on Absolute Poker.

According to Ultimate Bet, “Customers affected by this incident [have been] identified”.  Many of these high stakes players have also reported that they have started to receive refunds for all monies lost due to this unfair play on various poker forums.

For now, players are cautioned to stay away from these sites until they get their act together and we will be  updating our reviews of these sites to include a disclaimer about these incidents.

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Bet – NioNio Confirmed Cheating”

  1. the people involved in the ultimate poker scandal used “unauthorized software code that allowed [them] to obtain hole card information during live play”. i didn’t realize there was software out there for the taking that would reveal hole card information. so in essence we have been relying on people to not behave in unauthorized manners. obviously advanced computer literates would be able to acquire or hack their way into poker sites all around to easily acquire this information.
    but this is what really concerns me. the only reason we are even privy to any of this informationin is that support staff gave the player, (2nd place loss to the cheater) who started the whole questioning of cheating in the first place, the wrong transcripts of the tournament. he was not supposed to get a copy that included everyone’s whole cards. because of this he was able to get other opinions and in the end confirm that something was definitely not right and inevitably we ended up with an investigation and answers to what we have had many theories to but never any proof. we would be naive to believe that this is an isolated incident or that it is not happening elsewhere. we hear players all the time making statements about sites being rigged because of the outrageous calls against us that end up bad-beating our hands when the eventual winners shouldn’t have been in the hand in the first place and makes absolutely no sense that they are in the hand at all. so much for relying on the security companies watching these sites to protect our interests. at least we know that the random card generators are working properly and that every card has as much chance as any other of coming up next.
    i have some questions that i would appreciate some answers to or opinions on.
    >just who is protecting our interests?
    >why should we feel safe using any site if it is going to be hit and miss as to whether or not we are on tables that have someone cheating against us on them? obviously no one is watching, no matter how much they say they have tools in place that redflag suspicious behaviours. now, even if they were watching, getting caught isn’t a forethought given the fact that it doesn’t seem to be taken very seriously anyway. they can anticipate getting a slap on the wrist even if they do get caught. but again, no one is watching anyway. this must feel like ultimate heaven to people who are inclined to cheat given the opportunity.
    >what can we do as players to protect ourselves amd be able to enjoy a few hours on real money tables?

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