Ultimate Bet Scandal Continues

Over the past few days there has been a lot more information posted accross various sites about the scandal going on at UB.  When I first saw the posts about new updates I didn’t think much about them, but I logged on to Nat Arem’s blog this morning and read a great post entitled “Ultimate Bet and Russ Hamilton“.

After doing some more digging, I started reading all the threads on 2+2 and Pocket 5’s.  There is a ton of information to digest, and since I have spent the last few hours trying to break it down, and it would probably take me several more hours to create a proper timeline, I figure that it would be better to post an amazing summary done by vizer02 over at 2+2:

1. Brainwashdodo, a person who claims to be a UB employee, posts for the first time in the “Annie Duke a liar?” thread, alluding to additional information he may have.

2. Brainwashdodo makes a post showing a screenshot taken from the UB admin panel. This is not the real NioNio account, as this one was created 04/19/2008 and is a play money account only.

3. Brainwashdodo makes a post showing transaction audits for the following UB accounts: PhilHelmuth, kid55, and –Fred-.

4. Brainwashdodo also makes a post with 4 links to screenshots taken from the UB admin panel. He shows the account info for kid55, mamamiya, buckskin, and ShaqTack. These screenshots were later removed due to personal info being available on them; however here are two of them with the personal info removed. The kid55 account belongs to Freddy Deeb and the Buckskin account belongs to Lyle Berman. Several people assumed Freddy had a part in the cheating, but as of now there is no proof of that except for the fact that his account was suspended 1 day before the ShaqTack account was suspended, with the exact same comment “(Acct disabled. Do not re-open. Any inquiries please forward to Paul/Nolen. SAraya/ub sec, Tkt #8313668.)”

5. UB releases a new statement regarding the investigation:

Status Update on NioNio Investigation
July 8, 2008 –

UltimateBet’s continuing investigation has confirmed that other usernames, in addition to those previously identified on this site, were associated with the cheating scandal.

The additional usernames include: Crackcorn55, , GrabBag123, gravitation, Bgroup, H_Curtis, Twenty 1, WacoManiac, Broke_In_L_A, ShaqTack, BlueBerry101, 55WasHere, Xnomas, dannyboy55, Indy05, SlimPikins2. The same perpetrators we had previously identified controlled all of these usernames; there are no new perpetrators involved, only new usernames.

We have also confirmed that the cheating dates back further then we initially believed. We can now confirm that the cheating began in January 2005, long before Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG acquired UltimateBet from the previous ownership.

Tokwiro regrets that we did not discover this scheme during our due diligence when we purchased UltimateBet in October 2006, and that we did not identify the fraudulent activity until this recent investigation. We remain committed to our players, and to resolving this problem completely. We will start refunding players for any net losses in hands played with the usernames listed above once we complete our investigation.

Tokwiro considers itself to have been a victim of this fraud and we are continuing to explore our legal options. As part of this effort, we are compiling all of the information we have gathered in regard to the perpetrators and their activities, for possible use in any legal action.

We will continue to provide updates on our investigation, as we are still looking at a few accounts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the poker community for their invaluable contributions to this investigation and remind them that we remain committed to fully examining any claims of fraud that we receive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this investigation, please contact us at pokersecurity@ultimatebet.com

6. NoLimitLeagues analyzes the posts from Brainwash and notices ShaqTack (a known cheating account on UB) had gone through several name changes, including WhakMe, slimpikins2, HolyMucker, and broke_in_l_a, however WhakMe and HolyMucker weren’t listed on UB’s original statement. UB added WhakMe and HolyMucker to their statement after this observation was posted on 2+2. Also, later Trabopoline talks to Paul, the current CEO of UB, who says it was simply a coincidence that the two names were added late.

7. People start analyzing the transaction audits posted by Brainwashdodo, and the biggest piece of info in these transaction histories showed that -Fred- made a transaction to ShaqTack for $10,000. ShaqTack was one of the known cheating accounts. Also, it seems that the accounts RussHamilton and –russh- were funding other accounts through the –Fred- account because of transfers like the following. This is important because Russ Hamilton is a previous owner of UB. The –Fred- account appears to be an account primarily used to transfer funds to an assortment of players.

a. 517706057 50000.00 Transfer From RussHamilton 2006-DEC-11 04:49:01 PM customer req
517687967 -50000.00 Transfer To Poppychullo 2006-DEC-11 04:41:25 PM customer req

b. 525311086 10000.00 Transfer From RussHamilton 2006-DEC-16 03:58:12 PM customer req
525251767 -10000.00 Transfer To slug2 2006-DEC-16 03:12:52 PM customer req

c. 377361587 40000.00 Transfer From -russh- 2006-SEP-03 05:40:03 PM customer req
377269310 -10000.00 Transfer To ShaqTack 2006-SEP-03 04:26:02 PM customer req
374958034 -5000.00 Transfer To crosdsr 2006-SEP-02 01:20:13 AM customer req
374406862 -30000.00 Transfer To Devilfish 2006-SEP-01 06:38:09 PM customer req

8. Trambopoline explains that the email address that was registered to the NioNio account was the same one that was registered to the H B account. The H B account was also funded by the –Fred- account. The name listed as the owner of the H B account is Haim Bajayo.

9. Annie Duke does an interview on PokerRoad radio. She says that Brainwashdodo was trying to blackmail UB. She explains how the cheating was supposedly done, and states that UB is now probably one of the safest sites to play on. She responds to questions about the interview here:

10. People begin posting contact information of people who might know something about the UB software, in case 2+2’ers investigating this topic want to get in touch with them and try to ask questions. Several of the people are former programmers and developers of the UB software who worked for ieLogic (developers of UB software) and IOvation (another software company tied to UB). I’m only listing these because someone requested they be added to the cliffnotes so someone can try questioning them. The last post talks a little more about UB’s connection with ieLogic.

11. N 82 50 24 posts this summary regarding the known information of the cheating accounts:

Okay, so these are the total names release by AP and UB:
The following account names are known to have been used in the fraudulent activity:


The additional usernames include:

Twenty 1

a. In the first set of names, we know that:

NioNio was changed to NYMobser on Sep 5th, 2007. His other account name was H B. The name on the account was Haim Bajayo and the email was isrelly@aol.

Also, nvtease, sleeplesss and NoPaddles are the same account. It went in the following order… Until April 6th, 2007, the account was known as nvtease. From that point until Sept 5th, 2007 (same date as above), the account was known as NoPaddles. After Sept 5th, 2007, the account was known as sleeplesss.

In addition, the name on that account was Lauren Makar and the address was a Las Vegas address. I won’t release the address on here because, more than likely, the person was innocent. Does anyone know how to look up property ownership records in some database? If so, post a link/explanation. Also, if you know the name Lauren Makar, please let us know.

Lastly, this account cashed out WAAAAY more than it should have. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars that was not won at the table. It seems like it was a money funnel of some kind.

I feel pretty bad releasing names because these people were probably just pawns being used by the real cheaters, but if it comes down to that, the people with this info will just have to do that until something comes out. The dirt is out there.

12. N 82 50 24 promptly followed up that post with this groundbreaking post, basically stating that the physical address listed for the nvtease/NoPaddles/sleepless accounts (confirmed superuser accounts) is owned by Russ Hamilton, the prior owner of UB.

a. OMG wow…


The address is

138-19-810-002 HAMILTON RUSSELL & CAROLYN *20060523:03704 05/23/2006 JOINT TENANCY 200 SUBDIVIDED LOT

Okay people, the address on three of the accounts is owned by Russ and Carolyn Hamilton.

Any questions?

FWIW, this was the info given out by a UB whistleblower (not brainwash, as far as I know):

Customer ID: Token ID: Username: Status: Creation Date: Update Date:UNITED STATES Customer Phone: 702326xxxx Customer Birthdate: 1967-xx-xx Email Information: Address: atease@vegasinbox.com

I got rid of some information like the birthdate and phone number to protect whoever Lauren Makar is.

b. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=5074616&postcount=1425

13. UBdataRus posts a screenshot of some of the nopaddles account’s winnings from poker

14. There is still speculation about who still owns UB. A post from Dan Druff on NWP:


There’s more to this story from an NWP angle that meets the eye, which I’ll talk about in more detail later.

Basically, when we were investingating the AP Superuser scandal (in the fall of 2007), a confidential source told me that Russ Hamilton really still owned AP and UB, and that the “sales” were pretty much a cover-up in post-UIGEA times.

I posted it as an NWP front page story and on 2+2.

Very shortly thereafter, we got a tilt phone call from Russ Hamilton where he was SCREAMING on Dustin’s voice mail, demanding that we call him.

I called him, and he told me that what I posted was blatantly false. He demanded that I take those posts/stories down, as I was putting him in jeopardy of being investigated by the Justice Department. Since I had no proof at the time, and was simply quoting a confidential source, I decided it was better that I take the whole thing down. While it was very newsworthy if true, it could also be very damaging if false, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it up under those circumstances.

Given what has come to light, now perhaps everything makes more sense.”

Many of these points have not been confirmed, so please take this information as a rumour/gossip at this point.  More details will surface as 60 Minutes does their investigation of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.  For the meantime, given all that has gone on at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, I would recommend playing at another poker site.

17 thoughts on “Ultimate Bet Scandal Continues”

  1. This whole thing has blown up in the face of Ultimate Bet. It’s only going to go deeper and deeper. With the 60 Minutes coming soon, I wonder what more is going to happen between now and then?

    We have to give tons of credit to those that are digging for and finding all the information.

    Couple questions…Have the police, FBI been called? and if not why not?

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  4. When you come to the realization that their all rigged or fixed then you will be better off. I could go into detail, although the best I can tell you, if your a solid player for the most part (you usually come into a money position) Keep track of what your dealt in a game, especially when you seem to come into a 6th-4th place. Ever see an increase in your deuces? What it is is the system seeing your being dealt an ace, but like programming goes, they can throw in a second random generator and change the chance you will get a deuce rather than an ace. Another item to look at is your bad beat ratio. I know bad beats occur a higher than average percentage online, but check your cashier, you will find that when you play the same money in your account for an extended period, you will ‘seem’ to run into a much higher percentage of bad beats, and more often the player you have pegged as the wild player amazingly hits his low pocket pair, or somehow outdraws you with a good, yet weak hand.
    People check the high limit games, but your best way of winning a lot of money without the worry of getting caught is in mid-range play. Most accept a run of bad luck, from time to time. Most of my info is in a notebook that I have next to my desk, and so far I see a lot of out of range percentages.
    I have been playing for a long time on Pokerstars, Pokertime, Bet365 (which I got robbed on), ultimate bet, absolute poker, Bodog Poker, full tilt, Carbon Poker, Dream Poker, and Titan Poker! (Tourneys only).

    As a fellow programmer like Ronald Dale. He will tell you the same thing, their is no such thing as a computer driven RNC (Random Number Generator) which is basically what the gambling sites use, they just call
    it a Random Card Generator.

    In thw words of a famous player to another player , Player 1:Hey your playing in a fixed game!
    Player 2: Yeah, but it’s the only game around.


  5. I have been tracking hudreds of thousands of hands over the last 6 years of play and can pinpoint the same patterns from game to game and from poker room to poker room.

    That doesn’t mean I win or even cash all the time but much more than I used to.

    I think it’s Doyle Brunson who said in his SSII, “You can no what to do but doing it is another thing.” Close I hope.

    I’ve been working on writing an ebook entitled, TRAPPED BY THE DEALER,
    which exposes the details of the software program patterns like when a low stack player gets AK (suited or not) late in the game and goes all in, that player usually loses to the big stack because the big stack not only can call but should according to the odds makers (I don’t know much about odds but often see that happen in live games with a reason that escapes my mind at present).

    But if the low stack player simply raises say three times the BB, then it’s not as enticing to the big stack player and they usually fold or sometimes just call giving the low stack player a better chance to continue.

    The other night I was experiementing with some tricks I’ve seen other players use like being the first to go all in on the first hand of a game no matter what they have. My 93d beat AK, my 67ns won, and a few other
    examples. But the next night I tried it, whammo, no good.

    Anyway, I’m struggling to put it all together. At 65 and disabled with intractable cluster migraines which does not allow for long periods of play or concentration.

    In 2007 I hooked up with another disabled person to write a kids’ book that became an Amazon #1 Best Seller for the category we applied for: WHO SAYS KIDS CAN’T FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING. We are in our 3rd Edition but I’m backing off selling it at Amazon since they get 55% of the lsit price which allows me only enough extra to cover printing costs (and very low priting costs at that).

    I like what you have had to say especially about adding a second program during the game to change the possiblilities that favor the large stack player.

    But do you know why that’s done? That’s my key premise and not one I would like to give away right now but I’m sure you can figure it out. If you guess it, I will tell you if that’s it or not. You might not be interested at all, and that’s ok too.

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