What is with Models turning into Pro Poker Players???

Not that I’m complaining!! But i mean, really!  There are a ton of people who “Grew up playing cards” and then, just happened to be beautiful, have modeling careers, get put in a tournament to be “eye-candy,” and BOOM, all of a sudden, they’re in the to 20% of the field, and everyone is surprised!

Anyway, i digress…..Today’s Friday post is dedicated to Erica Schoenberg.  She use to model professionally, but no one put her in a poker tourney as “eye-candy.”  Not this model/personal trainer/ professional blackjack player!  Yeah, she’s a math whiz, who studied with the MIT blackjack team!  When ESPN was showing their Blackjack tourneys on tv, she came in second in her episode (not bad, considering).

Why am i mentioning her on the blog you ask?  Well, one day while playing a friendly home game with friends (including Phil Helmuth(!) ) she decided that she really liked this whole poker thing and would give it a shot.  That was back in 2005.  Since then Erica has placed 16th at the Five-Star world Poker Classic (cash of $118,000), then finished 69th in a field of more than 1,100 in the WSOP 1,500 pot limit hold’em event.  Erica’s first major win came in April 2007 winning the $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em event at Mandalay bay, and beat out 2775 players to finish third ($260,000) in a field of 2778 at a $1,500 WSOP NLHE event.

When she’s not on the tables live she’s hanging out with her fiancee (i wonder if he’s a poker player…?? or maybe it’s one of those MIT guys…?) or hanging online at Full Tilt Poker

Excuse me while i go work on my modeling career…or maybe put a call in to the MIT blackjack team…..?


Those aren’t poker chips!

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