Would You Gamble At Bellagio On-line?

I always thought it would be cool if they could package and sell a “Las Vegas” feel with online poker.  A direct site, set up and managed by a major casino in the gambling capitol of the USA.  Sure Full Tilt and Pokerstars are great website, and have a loyal following, but they still don’t have that Vegas feel to them. 

While i think it would be wicked, the opportunity seems to have slipped through the hands of Nevada officials.  They recently passed on an opportunity to pursue online gambling (for state residents).  California, however is pushing legislation to allow online wagering in the state (this is largely due to money troubles in the state, but it’s a win win when talking about online wagering). So, instead of Bellagio on-line we may see Random California Casino online, and have California setting the standard for state wide legalize online gambling. 
California is able to push through this legislation because of a loophole in federal law that allows states to opt out of congressional efforts to regulate online gambling.  This allows the individual state to regulate online gambling for their residents.   IfCalifornia went through with this type of legalization, however, it would prevent its citizens from gambling on non-state regulated poker rooms to maximize the tax revenues they would get from the online gambling. 

It seems that’s okay with Nevada regulateors, who are more interested in bringing gamblers to Nevada than allowing online gambling.  It’s a shame though..  I would have liked to see what tricks of the trade, learned in Nevada, could be brought to online poker.  And really..that Vegas feel.