WSOP Bracelets, Rousso’s Car and Eastgate’s Watch for Sale on eBay

It all began with poker professional Peter Eastgate putting up his WSOP 2008 championship bracelet for sale on eBay and telling the media that he was retiring from professional poker. Eastgate then announced plans to sell the bracelet for charity on eBay and donate the funds to UNICEF. Australian poker pro Tony G wanted to buy it to make a collar out of it for Zasko, his Alsatian, but the bracelet was sold for $147,500 and the identity of the buyer has not yet been disclosed.

Recently, Eskimo Clark put his Razz 1999 bracelet for sale on eBay, and although it hasn’t become as popular as Eastgate’s WSOP bracelet, it hasn’t prevented Hassan Kamoei from putting his 1999 WSOP bracelet for sale on eBay. Even Eastgate was not the first to attempt to sell his poker trophies. Early this year, a pawn shop sold a 2005 $5K Limit Hold’em bracelet belonging to T. J. Cloutier to the Cake Poker people, who returned it to Clouteir.

The price of a WSOP bracelet, if the bracelet holders choose to sell them, depends on the popularity of the poker star. If the player is little known, the bracelet is as good as ordinary jewellery. For instance, Cloutier and Clark got just $4000 for their bracelets, while the starting price for Kamoei’s bracelet is only $3,800 with free shipping.

What’s more, Vanessa Rousso is selling her Lamborghini Gallardo on eBay with a starting price of $126,500, and a Rousso fan might love to get his/her hands on it since the beautiful Rousso once used it. Peter Eastgate is also selling his 2008 Final Table Corum Watch on eBay with a starting prize of $7,000. Every player who reached the final table received this watch with their starting chip stacks and names engraved on it. Eastgate will turn over the funds to UNICEF again.