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Razz Poker Strategy

How To Play Razz Poker

Razz Poker Strategy is unique, and should not be mistaken for standard 7 Card Stud, or any other popular form of Poker. Play Razz with a generous amount of patience, and acute attention to time the best ante steals.

To begin with, any Razz Poker player knows the best starting hand would be A, 2, 3, but to raise, one only needs any combination of 3 cards under 5 that are NOT paired. If you are holding a hand up to 6, watch the other players. Should some one be playing an aggressive hand with a lower door card, play cautiously, otherwise continue to play for the showdown. If you are approaching 4th street with at least 3 cards under 7 you’re still looking good, call or bet to reach it, however anything higher and be cautious.

When determining how to raise, pay close attention to the others cards. Be as observant as possible with each of the up cards, and by the 3rd street you will be able to ascertain relative hand strength. Often the cards that are showing are enough to tell you what steps to take. For example, lets say your hand holds 3 cards with a 9 and below, but your opponents are all showing higher than 9, you would play this aggressively. Not that a 9 low hand would typically be an aggressively played hand, but in this case it is the lowest card. Typically if you were playing aggressively under these circumstances, it would be possible to win the pot through aggressive betting, even with a paired hole card.

To maintain a competitive edge in a Razz Poker Game, learning when and how to steal the ante is vital. There are some great situations that should indicate an ante-stealing attempt. Lets say the bring in player, or opening bet, sits to your left, and they fold, leaving the bet up to you. Always complete the bet to seal the bring in and antes. Even being successful a portion of the time will make this tactic profitable. Another, more obvious indicator for ante stealing would be when you are holding the lowest facing card. Sure it would be great if that card were backed up by some lower hole cards, but this is a steal attempt, not a push for the showdown. Remember the best strategy is to watch what other players are doing. If you move in for a steal attempt, and some one plays it right back at you, and appears to have a competitive hand, drop your steal attempt. That is unless you are actually holding a low set of cards.

Razz is a competitive and rapidly growing game both online and off. Playing Razz in and Online Poker Room would be no different than at a table if you apply the above processes. There are many other ways to approach this game, and each player has their own style. Developing a solid foundation with your approach will prove strength for your success in the game. Watch it, Play it, Enjoy it!