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Sabina Gadecki

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Sabina Gadecki

Sabina Gadecki Vital Stats

: 22 Years Old
Born in: Chicopee, MA
Marital Status: Single
Job: Host of the WPT
Education: Sabina Gadecki studied theatre and communications at Holyoke Community College. She later transferred to Fordham University where she is currently studying International Business.

Sabina Gadecki's Biography

Born and raised in Massachussettes, Sabina Gadecki was never a poker player.  She grew up in a Polish family, where Polish was her first language.

Gadecki moved to New York to pursue a career in acting.  Her main goal in life is to become a successful actress.  Sabina has already worked for several large companies' ad campaigns, including Coca-Cola, Clearasil and Axe Body Spray.  Sabina has also done some work for magazines including Seventeen, Redbook and Premier.

Sabina has even tried to go for some movie rolls including the hit movie, "Mean Girls".  Unfortunately she did not get the roll because they said she looked "too innocent".  Even though she didn't get the part, she got to work on set as a stand-in for Rachel McAdams and read lines with Lindsay Lohan.

One of Gadecki's biggest accomplishments was becoming "Miss Polonia World" back in 2002.  Unlike most beauty pageants this competition was based on a combination of school grades, accomplishments and community service.

Sabina Gadecki has a strong giving background and has spent lots of time working with the Red Cross.  Currently her biggest charitable activity is collecting Teddy Bears to donate to Children's hospitals.  Over the past 8 years Gadecki has already donated over 7,000 teddy bears and has received an award for her efforts from President Bush in 2001.

Meet Sabina Gadecki in Person

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Sabina Gadecki on the WPT Set

Sabina Gadecki on the WPT Set

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